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Jun 2013 -Breadwinner Moms - A Pew Demographic Trends Report

Jun 2013 -Short PRB Article on Life Expectancy

Jun 2013 -Statistics Matter - A US Census blog post

May 2013 -CSDE Out Loud: Karen Tabb Dina discusses the social determinants of health for multiracial young adults in the US

Apr 2013 -Africa and the Demographic Dividend

Apr 2013 -United Nations Research Guides & Resources

Apr 2013 -Census Bureauís Popular Population Clock

Apr 2013 -Call for Proposals - CSDE 2013 Small Grants Program

Apr 2013 -2013 CSDE Newsletter

Apr 2013 -CSDE SEED Funding Report

Apr 2013 -CSDE Out Loud: Mark Wheldon discusses the Bayesian approach of estimating population statistics

Feb 2013 -CSDE PAA Reception @ Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Feb 2013 -Save the Date for PAA Reception & Please Help Send a CSDE Trainee to PAA

Jan 2013 -CSDE Out Loud: Elise Bowditch Discusses WA State's Efforts to Confront Truancy

Jan 2013 -Upcoming Changes to Public Access Policy Reporting and NIH Grant Compliance

Jan 2013 -NICHD Releases Scientific Vision: The Next Decade

Jan 2013 -Don't Underestimate NSF's New Grant-Submission Rules

Jan 2013 -Faculty Research Career Development Series


Nov 2012 -UW Launches Website to Help Foster Research Collaboration

Oct 2012 -Census Bureau Launches New Research Website and Online Forum

Oct 2012 -Research Matters blog post: Demography at the U.S. Census Bureau

Oct 2012 -Patterns of Metropolitan and Micropolitan Population Change: 2000 to 2010

Oct 2012 -The Size, Place of Birth, and Geographic Distribution of the Foreign-Born Population in the United States: 1960 to 2010

Sept 2012 -2012-13 CSDE Traineeship Application

Sept 2012 -Social Science Research Council's Measure of America

Sept 2012 -Characteristics and Influential Factors of Food Deserts

Sept 2012 -Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2011

Sept 2012 -White-Hispanic Differences in Meeting Lifetime Fertility Intentions in the U.S.

August 2012 -The Lost Decade of the Middle Class

August 2012 -Education, Job Openings, and Unemployment in Metropolitan America

June 2012 -The Impact of NIH Research

June 2012 -Defending the American Community Survey

May 2012 -Census to Show How Rapidly Canada is Aging

Apr 2012 -Historical Migration of the Young, Single, and College Educated: 1965 to 2000

Apr 2012 -Fertility of Men and Women Aged 15-44 Years in the United States: National Survey of Family Growth, 2006-2010

Apr 2012 -Nigeria Tested by Rapid Rise in Population

Apr 2012 -When Labels Donít Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity

Apr 2012 -Historical Demography Research Raises the Estimates of Civil War Death Toll

Apr 2012 -2012 CSDE Newsletter

Mar 2012 -CSDE @ 2012 PAA Annual Meeting

Mar 2012 -NIH Launches Online Resource on Behavioral and Social Science Research Methods

Mar 2012 -Growth in Urban Population Outpaces Rest of Nation, Census Bureau Reports

Feb 2012 -Bachelorís Degree Attainment Tops 30 Percent for the First Time, Census Bureau Reports

Feb 2012 -For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage

Feb 2012 -How Wide Are the Racial Opportunity Gaps in Your Metro?

Feb 2012 -Nearly 1 in 3 Working Families in U.S. Struggle to Meet Basic Needs

Feb 2012 -Food for 9 Billion

Feb 2012 -Segregation Curtailed in U.S. Cities, Study Finds

Jan 2012 -Rebuilding the Mosaic - NSF/SBE Vision Report


Dec 2011 -CSDE Out Loud: Nick Pharris-Ciurej Discusses Race and Ethnic Group Differences in College Participation and Completion

Oct 2011 -Census Bureau Releases 2008-2010 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimates

Oct 2011 -Trends in the Distribution of Household Income Between 1979 and 2007

Oct 2011 -Economy Alters How Americans Are Moving

Oct 2011 -Social Scientists Voice Objections to Proposed Human Subjects Rule Changes

Oct 2011 -2011-12 CSDE Traineeship Application

Oct 2011 -2011 Welcome Reception Photos

July 2011 -Rule Changes Proposed for Research on Human Subjects - Updating the Common Rule

July 2011 -Science Examines Demographic Changes Around the World

July 2011 -The Seattle Regional Census Office is Slated for Elimination

July 2011 -Better Lives for Mexicans Cut Allure of Going North: NYT Article

June 2011 -Dick Morrill Describes Seattle Demographic Changes: Crosscut.com Article

June 2011 -Compendium of OECD Well-being Indicators

June 2011 -United Nations Demographic Yearbook 2000-2008

June 2011 -Data Release: National Opinion Research Center General Social Survey 1972-2010

June 2011 -Census Bureau Tip Sheet: Details on Forthcoming and Previous 2010 Census, CPS, and other Releases

Mar 2011 -CSDE 2011 Newsletter

Feb 2011 -CSDE @ 2011 PAA Annual Meeting

Feb 2011 -The Seattle Times Census 2010 Portrait of Washington State

Feb 2011 -CSDE Traineeships for 2011-2012: Information for Applicants

Jan 2011 -Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - Fantastic Demography Visualization

Jan 2011 -NYT Article Questions Statistical Approach Widely Used in the Social Sciences

Jan 2011 - Census Bureau Releases Alternative Measures of Poverty


Dec 2010 - Video of Douglas Massey's Seminar Talk -The Roots of Minority Under-Achievement in Higher Education

Dec 2010 - US Census Bureau Releases First Set of 5-Year American Community Survey Estimates: Data and Maps

Dec 2010 -NYT's Mapping America with Census Bureau's New American Community Survey Data

Nov 2010 -CSDE Out Loud: Mark Anderson Discusses the Relationship Between High School Dropout and Juvenile Crime Rates

Oct 2010 -Call for Proposals - CSDE Small Grants Program

Oct 2010 -NYT Article: As Populations Age, a Chance for Younger Nations

Oct 2010 -Incarcerationís Effect on Economic Mobility - Pew Report Based on Research by Becky Pettit and Bruce Western

Oct 2010 -Economic Mobility in the United States and Canada, by Miles Corak

Sept 2010 -CSDE Fellowship Program 2011-12 Application: Advanced Graduate Training in Demography

Sept 2010 -NIH, Other Agencies, Eliminate Error Correction Window Beginning Next January

Sept 2010 -Life Expectancy in Developed Countries Is Higher Than Conventionally Estimated

Sept 2010 -Effect of Migration on Population Size and Age Composition in Europe

Aug 2010 -American Community Survey Asks Too Much, G.O.P. Says

Aug 2010 -2011 PAA Call for Papers

Aug 2010 -CSDE 2010 Reception and Dinner Photos

July 2010 -CSDE Out Loud: Claus Pörtner Discusses Sex Selective Abortions in India

July 2010 -New Data Series Highlights Employee Access to Medical Care and Retirement Benefits

July 2010 -Net Worth and Asset Ownership of Households in 2004

June 2010 -Design and Implementation of an Online Weekly Survey to Study Unintended Pregnancies

June 2010 -Interracial Marriage in America - A Pew Research Center Report

May 2010 -The New Demography of American Motherhood

May 2010 -USA Today Article Features Research by Katrina Leupp and Julie Brines

Apr 2010 -Study Finds Young Hispanics Face Obstacles to Integration, a NYT Article

Apr 2010 -Sara Curran on Women, Food Security and Climate Change, Presented at League of Women Voters Forum

Apr 2010 -Maternal Deaths Fall Worldwide: IHME Study Findings Reported in Seattle Times

Apr 2010 -CSDE Out Loud: Jen Hook Discusses How Sex Segregation of Housework is Influenced by National Context

Apr 2010 -CSDE Census 2010 Celebration Photos

Mar 2010 -New CSDE Affiliate Applications due April 6th

Mar 2010 -CSDE to Celebrate Census Day 2010

Mar 2010 -The Role of the Decennial Census in the Distribution of Federal Funds

Mar 2010 -The Census Project

Mar 2010 -Errors in 2000 Census PUMS file

Mar 2010 -2010 Census Website

Mar 2010 -Census Bureau to Develop Supplemental Poverty Measure

Mar 2010 -2010 Census Scam Alert

Feb 2010 - 2010 PAA Annual Meeting

Jan 2010 - CSDE 2010 Newsletter

Jan 2010 -CSDE Traineeships for 2010-2011: Information for Applicants

Jan 2010 -Call for Proposals - CSDE Small Grants Program: Demography Multidisciplinary Working Groups

Jan 2010 -Call for Proposals - CSDE Small Grants Program: Demography Research Seed Grants


Dec 2009 -Side-by-Side Comparison of NIH's Enhanced and Former Review Criteria for Grants and Agreements

Dec 2009 -Rural America Surprisingly Prosperous, Study Finds

Dec 2009 -CSDE Out Loud Podcast Interview: Jake Rosenfeld Discusses the Impact of Declining Unionization on Voting

Dec 2009 -PRB Article: Four Scenarios for U.S. Population Growth

Dec 2009 -New ACS Report - The Foreign-Born Labor Force in the United States: 2007

Dec 2009 -Pew Research Center Articles: Pew Released Several Articles on Various Topics of Interest

Nov 2009 -CSDE Small Grants Program RFP-- Demography Research Seed Grants

Oct 2009 -Experts Worry as Population and Hunger Grow

Oct 2009 -Census Bureau Releases 2008 American Community Survey Data

Sept 2009 -CSDE Fellowship Program 2009-10 Application: Advanced Graduate Training in Demography

Sept 2009 -Underemployment in WA, a Seattle Times Article

Sept 2009 -U.S. Poverty Rate Rises; Uninsured Rate Stays Flat

Aug 2009 -2010 PAA Call for Papers

July 2009 -New Report Says Climate Change May Cause Human Population Migrations

July 2009 -Robert Groves Approved as New Director of Census Bureau

July 2009 -In New York City, Fewer Murders on Rainy Days

June 2009 -CSDE Begins Podcast Interviews: In the First Interview Mark Long Discusses His Higher Education Research

June 2009 -The Population Taboo

June 2009 -U.S. Births Hint at Bias for Boys in Some Asians

May 2009 -Travel Vaccinations Available for CSDE Fellows/Students from UW Hall Health

May 2009 -New Course of Interest to Grad Students and Faculty: Biomarker Methods Research Group

May 2009 -Conference on Statistics and the Social Sciences: CSSS 10th Anniversary Celebration, June 4-5

May 2009 -Wolfram Alpha -- A New Website of Interest

May 2009 -Mexican Data Show Migration to U.S. in Decline

May 2009 -Losing Your Job May Be Detrimental To Your Health

Apr 2009 -Immigration Explorer - Interactive Map Tracks Settlement Patterns of Foreign-Born Groups in the US

Apr 2009 -Place, Health and Equity Conference: UW, May 7-8

Apr 2009 -Demographic Research Volunteer Opportunity

Mar 2009 -Call for Proposals - CSDE Small Grants Program: Demography Research Seed Grants

Feb 2009 -2009 PAA Annual Meeting

Feb 2009 -As Layoffs Surge, Women May Pass Men in Job Force

Feb 2009 -Census Bureau Releases State Population Estimates

Jan 2009 -Students Covering Bigger Share of Costs of College

Jan 2009 -Data Analysts Captivated by Rís Power, a NY Times article

Jan 2009 -New OSP Proposal Deadline Policy Takes Effect with January 22, 2009 Deadlines

Jan 2009 -CSDE 2009-2010 Fellowship Program

Jan 2009 -High Poverty Rates in 'Midsize' America


Dec 2008 -College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S.

Dec 2008 -UW Libraries' Database has Extensive Information on U.S. Public Opinion Surveys

Nov 2008 - Transition schedule for NIH, AHRQ,CDC, NIOSH, and FDA from PureEdge to Adobe for electronic submissions through Grants.gov.

Nov 2008 - Call for Proposals - CSDE Small Grants Program: Demography Multidisciplinary Working Groups

Nov 2008 - Transition schedule for NIH, AHRQ,CDC, NIOSH, and FDA from PureEdge to Adobe for electronic submissions through Grants.gov.

Nov 2008 - Annual Flow of Undocumented Immigrants Appears to Slow

Oct 2008 - Searching For Clarity: A Primer On Evaluating Medical Studies

Oct 2008 - PAA 2008 Election Results

Sept 2008 - In a Generation, Minorities May Be the U.S. Majority

August 2008 - Examine Housing and Transportation Costs in Major US Metro Areas with Online Mapping Tool

July 2008 - WA State's Population Continues to Grow, But the Pace has Slowed: A Seattle Times Article

July 2008 - CSDE Provides Assistance in Complying with NIH Public Access Policy

June 2008 - UW Office of Sponsored Programs has a new address

June 2008 - Rise in Minorities Is Led by Children, Census Finds

June 2008 - Inside the Middle Class: Bad Times Hit the Good Life, a Pew Social and Demographic Trends Report

April 2008 - CSDE Retreat May 2, 2008

April 2008 - Life Expectancy Is Declining in Some Areas of the Country

April 2008 - Special UW Events at 2008 PAA Conference

April 2008 - 2008 PAA Annual Meeting

April 2008 - NIH Public Access Law now in effect

Feb 2008 - NIH Issues -- New Public Access Policy

Feb 2008 - Good news from the Human Subjects Division

Jan 2008 - 2008 PAA Annual Meeting

Jan 2008 - 1990 and 2000 Census geodatabases for WA State and the Puget Sound area

Jan 2008 - The Mapping Globalization Project and website

Jan 2008 - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations global health initiative

Jan 2008 - An exciting new winter and spring course -- Integrative Seminar on Health Disparities: The Case of Tobacco


Dec 2007 - Integrative Seminar on Health Disparities: The Case of Tobacco

Dec 2007 - CSDE Holiday Schedule -- Dec 24 through Jan 4

Dec 2007 - The Luxembourg Wealth Study microdata are now available for use

Nov 2007 - UNESCO launches a tool to put social science research at the service of public policy-making

Oct 2007 - Big City Health Data

Oct 2007 - CSDE Affiliate -- Kam Wing Chan "Is China Abolishing the Hukou System?"

Oct 2007 - A looming crisis in the Western US as population grows and water resources decline: A NY Times Report

Oct 2007 - Create population by age, race/ethnicity and gender reports from U.S. Census Bureau data using web tool

Oct 2007 - Call for Proposals: CSDE's New Small Grants Program