December 10, 2019

CSDE Seminar Series

Letter from the Director

As we move towards the end of another calendar year, I want to wish the entire CSDE community the very best during the winter break. Thank you everyone for your contributions to CSDE in this past year.

CSDE celebrated the end of the quarter with its Biannual Trainees’ Lightning Talks and Poster Session. I am deeply grateful to Emily Pollock for organizing the session, Jon Wakefield and Aimee Dechter for their work recruiting posters and managing the voting system, and Sehej Singh and David Fernandes for logistics, food, and publicity. The poster award winner is CSDE Trainee Claire Rothschild for her research titled Utility of Remotely Enrolling Women into Mobile Messaging Platform for Contraceptive Research. Her attractive poster, elegant study design, clear articulation of the research project, and important findings offer a cautionary tale about the possibilities of mobile messaging platforms for research in settings where access is far more complex than typically assumed.

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CSDE Research & Highlights

Christine Leibbrand, Erin Carll, Hedwig Lee, and Angela Bruns Examine How Paternal Incarceration Influences Families’ Mobility Decisions and Neighborhood Outcomes

It is often assumed that families rationally choose where to live and migrate. However, increasingly such decisions are constrained by societal factors outside of a family’s control. Therefore, Acting Assistant Professor of Sociology Christine Leibbrand (CSDE alum), CSDE Trainee Erin Carll, CSDE Regional Affiliate Hedwig Lee, and University of Michigan Postdoctoral Fellow Angela Bruns (CSDE alum) examine how paternal incarceration is one such societal factor that can constrain residential mobility decisions and influence families’ neighborhood contexts.

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Donald Chi Shares What He Learned About Interdisciplinary Research at IAPHS Pre-Conference Workshop

In an IAPHS blog post “Traversing Divides: Interdisciplinary Research in Population Health and Health Disparities” CSDE Affiliate and Professor of Oral Health Sciences Donald Chi shares what he learned about building interdisciplinary research at the IAPHS Pre-Conference Workshop in October. In the post, Chi draws connections between his interdisciplinary experiences in children’s oral health inequalities with the activities related to interdisciplinary collaboration at the pre-conference. For example, Chi details an opportunity from the conference in which participants mentored a group of interdisciplinary scholars using idea trees.

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PAA 2020 is Around the Corner

PAA has released information you need to get ready for the 2020 Annual Meeting in in Washington DC, April 22-25:

  • In order to register, you must agree to abide by PAA’s Anti-Harassment Policy
  • If you are presenting in any capacity, you must register by January 27th.
  • The early-bird rates end January 31st.
  • Help us reduce waste by reserving your print copy of the annual meeting program. There’s no additional charge to do so.
  • We strongly encourage you to make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.
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