July 24, 2020

CSDE Research & Highlights

Adhia Receives K99 Award from NICHD!

Congratulations to CSDE Affiliate Dr. Avanti Adhia, a postdoctoral fellow at Harborview’s Injury Prevention and Research Center, who received a K99 Training and Research award from NICHD to study the effectiveness of intimate partner violence (IPV) laws in reducing the prevalence of adolescent IPV.  This study will provide the largest and most comprehensive evaluation of IPV legislation to date. Findings will provide critical data on the effectiveness of school IPV policies in preventing adolescent IPV and actionable evidence for policy makers and agencies responsible for carrying out IPV policy implementation. Dr. Adhia wrote the first draft of her K99 during CSDE's Grant Writing Summer Program, too!

*NEW* Population Health Initiative COVID-19 Call for Proposals

The Population Health Initiative has launched its third call for rapid response COVID 19 pilot grants  due to PHI by July 31. These pilot grants are targeted towards health equity research and partnerships with communities of color.  CSDE is happy to support these initiatives with in-kind resources for research consultations and time, logistics, lab help, survey development, or access to computing resources.  We can provide a letter of support that values that support for you, as part of a match. In some cases, we may be able to provide dollar support, up to $5,000, if the grant also aligns with our center grant mission. Several of the PHI goals also coincide with our research mission, including expanding reporting of racial and demographic data, improving understanding of the variation in infection by race and ethnicity, improving understanding in death and excess mortality by race and ethnicity, understanding the impact of the pandemic’s impact on housing, improving our understanding of the pandemic’s economic impact, etc. Please submit your requests to our seed grant portal. You may also contact Sara Curran or Steve Goodreau with your requests.

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*CLOSING SOON* Census Call for Proposals on Statistical and Research Methodologies for Public Opinion Research

The Census Bureau (BOC) posted a call for proposals due July 29, 2020 ($150,000 award ceiling) from institutions of higher education and non-profit organizations to measure perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes toward the Census Bureau. There are three program priorities: (1) secure research and development of formal privacy methods, including but not limited to differential privacy, for sample surveys; (2) explore the feasibility of open source data, and particularly those created through social media platforms such as Twitter, to complement or substitute opinion data from surveys and censuses.

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*NEW* NIA-funded Reversibility Network Pilot Funding Opportunity

The NIA-funded Reversibility Network (PIs: Eric Loucks, Margaret Sheridan, Keith Godfrey) is designed to foster research to reverse/remediate the effects of early life adversity (e.g. abuse, neglect, poverty, racial discrimination, etc.) in mid- and later-life, and welcomes scientists to apply for pilot funding through the Reversibility Network program.

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Flaxman Will Contribute Insights during APDU’s Data Privacy, Accuracy, and Access Conference

CSDE Affiliate Abraham Flaxman will be presenting on a July 27 panel titled “Impediments to Accurate Statistics” during the Association of Public Data Users (APDU) Conference from July 27-31.  The conference theme is Data Privacy, Accuracy, and Access and features several very important topics of interest to CSDE affiliates, as well as speakers who are collaborators or colleagues (Pamela Herd, Mary Jo Hoeksema, Beth Jarosz, Amy O’Hara, David Van Riper). Conference details can be found here.

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IAPHS Webinar “Health Care – Population Health Science Partnerships: What Can And Can’t They Do

CSDE Director Sara Curran, along with Chris Bachrach (University of Maryland) will moderate an IAPHS Webinar “Health Care – Population Health Science Partnerships: What Can And Can’t They Do”on Thursday, September 17, 2020. The growing interest in population health approaches among health care entities is creating new opportunities for partnerships between health care systems and population health science. This webinar examines the potential, as well as the challenges and limitations, of these partnerships for advancing population health and equity.

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ICPSR’s Blalock Lecture Series on Quantitative Methods

Check out this opportunity to virtually attend the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research’s Blalock lectures series tuition-free. Blalock Lectures are an integral part of the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research. They are presented in the evening from 7:30 to 9 p.m. EDT outside of the regular curriculum. The lecture series is held in honor of Tad Blalock (https://sociology.unc.edu/hubert-morse-blalock-jr/), a distinguished statistician and sociologist who was an Official Representative to the Consortium and a member of its Executive Council.

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Washington State Hits Important Census Milestone

The state of Washington hit an important census milestone recently when it reached the final self-response rate from 2010.  As of June 29, 67.2% of all households in the state have answered the census. This is a remarkable achievement and Washington is only the second state in the country to reach this milestone (Michigan was the first). CSDE is maintaining links to the latest updates about the census here.

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UW Establishes COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund

Many UW employees face very challenging personal circumstances as the COVID-19 crisis continues. Last month, the UW started a donor-supported COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund to help employees who have been significantly affected by the current situation.

Thank you to those of you who have already helped seed this fund. Your donations are providing emergency assistance for employees with a base annual salary of $75,000 or less who are experiencing critical, temporary and unforeseen financial hardships due to COVID-19.

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