March 9, 2021

CSDE Seminar Series

CSDE Winter 2021 Lightning Talk and Poster Session

     When: Friday, Mar 12, 2021 (12.30 - 1.30 pm)
     Where: Virtual via Zoom

Mark your calendars for March 12th, 2021 at 12:30 PM for CSDE’s Winter 2021 Lightning Talks and Poster Session. Seven graduate students from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, Economics, Sociology, Epidemiology and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research are eager to present their research in two-minute lightning talks and discuss their work with you during poster presentations.

Larissa Caldera, Sociology

David Coomes, Epidemiology

Matt Fowle, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

Nick Hadjimichael, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

Taehoon Kwon, Economics

Ferdous Zaman Sardar, Economics

Carolina Coimbra Vieira, Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography at Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Come mingle with colleagues, meet the next generation of population scientists, vote on the best poster, and support CSDE's trainees! Register for the Zoom seminar here. (read more)


CSDE Research & Highlights

Join Demographers of Color Webinar on How To Navigate Mid-Career as DoC

On March 12, Demographers of Color & Allies will conduct a virtual panel discussion “Navigating Mid-Career as DoC: A conversation with Demographers of Color“. This panel discussion features PhD demographers of color who will share about their career and life experiences and is hosted by the Demographers of Color & Allies Collective (organizers Asad L. Asad, Christina J. Cross, Nadia Flores, René D. Flores, Hedwig Lee, Mao-Mei Liu, Juan M. Pedroza, Fernando Riosmena, Gabriela Sanchez-Soto, Omari H. Swinton, Eddie Telles, Monique B. Williams). The panel is being organized in response to feedback gathered at the 1st ever member-organized Demographers of Color & Allies Reception in April 2020 and monthly events since. This event may include all-group and break-out components. Join for a sincere discussion of pivots, resilience, and hope. To register, click here. (read more)

CSDE Welcomes Four More Faculty Affiliates!

CSDE’s Executive Committee is pleased to introduce four of our new UW Faculty Affiliates:

  • Avanti AdhiaPostdoctoral Scholar, Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center (HIPRC), University of Washington. Adhia’s research centers on intimate partner violence (IPV) by understanding the causes and consequences of IPV in addition to the role of policies and interventions in preventing and reducing violence. She recently received a K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award from NICHD to study the effectiveness of state IPV laws on school-based prevention and response in reducing the prevalence of adolescent IPV. Adhia joins CSDE as a faculty affiliate.
  • Wendy BarringtonAssociate Professor, Child, Family, and Population Health Nursing; Adjunct Associate Professor, Epidemiology; Adjunct Associate Professor, Health Services
    University of Washington.
    Barrington's research evaluates to what degree social position, structures, and systems perpetuate cancer health disparities via stress, obesity, and related behaviors. Her research falls within two main schema: promoting healthy communities and racial disparities in clinical outcomes. Barrington joins CSDE as a faculty affiliate.
  • John Leverso Assistant Professor, Sociology, Whitman College. Leverso's research combines sociological and criminological perspectives to investigate street gang culture, specifically: gangs in online settings, interaction rituals, solidarity and hyper-surveillance, gangs in the life course, and the geographical correlates of street gangs. His research contributes to both knowledge about gangs and broader issues in criminology and criminal justice relating to gender and race/ethnicity. Leverso joins CSDE as a regional affiliate.
  • Valentina PetrovaQualitative Team Lead, VA Puget Sound. Petrova provides qualitative data analysis software consulting services to researchers at her consulting firm, QDA Consulting. She also works as a Qualitative Team Lead at VA Puget Sound Health Care System where she leads qualitative teams through research cycles including proposal writing, data collection, coding, analysis, and findings dissemination. Her work also includes training primary investigators and other research staff on data collection (grounded interviewing style) and analysis (various ATLAS.ti 8 topics). Petrova joins as a CSDE regional affiliate. (read more)

Join Johns Hopkins Webinar Debating Global Food Price Trends (03/10)

On March 10, the Johns Hopkins University’s Population, Family, and Reproductive Health Program is sponsoring a webinar on a longstanding debate built on a wager about trends in global food prices between 2011-2020. Stan Becker (Johns Hopkins), John Bongaarts (The Population Council), David Lam (University of Michigan), Li Liu (Johns Hopkins), and Dana Sarnak (Johns Hopkins) lean in on the wager and whether their bets were wins or losses. Register for the webinar here. (read more)

Join TADA-BSSR Webinar – Translating Domain Knowledge into Mechanistic Process Models (3/18)

Join this upcoming webinar on March 18, as part of CSDE’s partnership with the Training in Advanced Data Analysis for Behavioral and Social Sciences (TADA-BSSR) at NIH. The webinar will examine how with digital technologies, radically new possibilities have emerged for studying and developing new insights related to advancing both fundamental understanding of social and behavioral processes and, simultaneously, improving behavioral interventions built upon said knowledge. These new possibilities though force us to find more robust ways to translate domain knowledge about processes (e.g.,insights from operant and classical learning, cognitive science, and affective learning) into robust process models that rigorously specify temporal understanding of the dynamics and context-dependencies of said processes. The possibilities and challenges are particularly evident when seeking to develop just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAI), which seek to provide support during states when a person would have the opportunity to engage in a positive behavior, be receptive to receiving support, and, engagement would result in positive internalized adaptation towards engaging in the desired behavior, eventually, without the need for the JITAI. In this webinar the team will describe efforts to establish more robust approaches for translating domain knowledge about processes into computational models that account for theorized dynamics and to offer some initial steps to advance the field. To register, click here.(read more)

NAtional Institutes of Health

*NEW* Limited Submission Opportunity for Health Disparities Research (due to OSP 4/15/21)

Applications are open for the Cigna Foundation’s limited submission Health Disparities Grants. Despite steady improvement in overall health outcomes over the past decade, many under-resourced communities continue to experience substantial health disparities. Grants will support work on one or more of the following areas: increased access to health care, increased access to primary care, increased health literacy. The award amount is $375,000. Please submit a one-page letter of intent with a description of proposed aims and approach and biosketch or CV of the PI to research@uw.edu by 5:00 PM Thursday, March 25, 2021. Proposals are due to the sponsor 4/23/21, so you will need to have your materials in to the Office of Sponsored Programs by 4/14/21 if given the go-ahead by the review committee. Please email  research@uw.edu with questions. For other open limited submissions opportunities, as well as the internal proposal review committee review and selection process outline, see here. CSDE is always happy to help you in the preparation of your applications – whether that is with scientific consultations or pre-award proposal support, which includes budget preparation, all ancillary materials, management of submission, and experienced reviewers for providing feedback on your narrative. Contact Scott KellySara CurranSteve Goodreau, or Belinda Sachs with any questions. (read more)

Call for Papers - Pandemic Babies? Covid-19 Impacts on Fertility

The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research invites extended abstracts (2-4 pages) or full paper submissions for the conference “Pandemic Babies? The Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on Fertility and Family Dynamics“. The conference will take place on the 13th & 14th December 2021 at Harnack House in Berlin, Germany. An in-person meeting with a hybrid/virtual presentation option is planned and if necessary, the conference will take place fully virtually. This conference aims at bringing together scholars who examine fertility and family change in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. MPIDR invites submissions that document fertility and family trends, investigate their causes and correlates, place them into established or novel theoretical contexts, or use new data sources or methods to illuminate or predict such trends. There is particular interest in research which connects potential fertility and family change to the multitude of other societal and epidemiological developments occurring at this time.  Please send all submissions to pandemicbabies@demogr.mpg.de by August 1, 2021. Any conference-related inquiries may also be directed to pandemicbabies@demogr.mpg.de. Submitters will be notified about selection decisions by August 31, 2021. (read more)


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