January 20, 2022

CSDE Seminar Series

Immigrant Earnings Assimilation in the Age of Modern Mass Migration

     When:  Friday, Jan 21, 2022 (12:30-1:30 PM PT)
     Where:  Virtual on Zoom

TThis week CSDE is hosting UCLA Associate Professor of Public Policy and American Indian Studies, Randall Akee. His talk will present findings from a recent paper using a unique administrative dataset to observe wage conversion between immigrants and natives from 1981 to 2017.

You can register for the seminar HERE, and check out all the upcoming topics and register for future seminars on our website.

After the seminar, students Leah Neff Warner and Aja M. Sutton will co-facilitate a graduate student discussion with Dr. Akee. Students will have the oppurtunity to discuss research collaborations, professional development, academic publishing, and interdisciplinary research, among other topics. Please RSVP to attend by emailing Leah (leahrnw@uw.edu).

This seminar is co-sponsored with the Population Health Initiative.

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CSDE Research & Highlights

Bratman, Errett, and Colleagues New Publication Explores Health Impacts of Wildfire Smoke

With co-authors Anna Humphreys and Elizabeth Walker, CSDE Affiliates Gregory Bratman and Nicole Errett published a new study early this month. The paper (available in full HERE) is a qualitative study of the impacts of rural wildfire smoke on mental health and wellbeing, and opportunities for adaptation. The authors find significant impacts on these outcomes and highlight several potential interventions to bolster resilience to the effects of smoke.

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New Publication from Esposito and Colleagues Explores Quantitative Methods for Understanding Disparities

CSDE External Affiliate and Alum Mike Esposito, along with two co-authors, recently published a new article that presents a more dynamic and nuanced method for disaggregating the effects of structural racism. The paper, available HERE, presents the authors' framework for decomposing disparities by race into unobserved racism, racial discrimination, and emergent discrimination.

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Zack A, Seminar Series

India Ornelas Appointed Interim Chair of UW’s Health Systems and Population Health Department

CSDE Executive Committee Member and Affiliate India Ornelas has just been appointed to lead UW’s Health Systems and Population Health Department. Ornelas is an Associate Professor of Health Systems and Population Health, teaches in the MPH program, and is the Director of the MPH Core Curriculum. She has been part of the School of Public Health faculty for 10 years. Ornelas’s work of promoting diversity will continue as interim chair of HSPop, especially as the department prepares to launch ARCH in February 2022, a new center dedicated to anti-racism and health equity. You can find the full story on the School of Public Health website.

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Zack A, Seminar Series

Bostrom Presents Research at the American Geophysical Union Conference

CSDE Affiliate Ann Bostrom recently presented research from two projects at the American Geophysical Union Fall 2021 Meeting, held December 13-18. One of the presentations,"Understanding Perceptions and Attitudes in Washington, Oregon and California about ShakeAlert, the Earthquake Early Warning System for the United States of America," was based on collaborative research described HERE. Bostrom's other presentation, described HERE, presents a report from the NSF Environmental Research and Education Advisory Committee where she is a co-chair.

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Zack A, Seminar Series

Congratulations to Zack Almquist!

CSDE Affiliate, Training Core PI, and Executive Committee Member Zack Almquist was recently selected as the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Mathematical Sociology, published by Taylor & Francis. You can read more about the journal aims and publication process HERE. Congratulations, Zack!

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Zack A, Seminar Series

Congratulations to RSF Visiting Scholar Scott Allard!

The Russell Sage Foundation recently announced the 2022-2023 academic cohort of Visiting Scholars, which includes CSDE Affiliate Scott Allard. During his time in residence with this program, Dr. Allard will examine recent trends in poverty, mobility, and safety net provision across urban, suburban, and rural America. Congratulations Scott!

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Kam Wing Chan Quoted in Christian Science Monitor

CSDE Affiliate Kam Wing Chan is quoted in a recent CSM article. The article (available in full HERE) characterizes the household registration system, hukou, in China, the impact this system has on rural migrants, and the potential impacts of relaxing rules of this system. Chan serves as an expert source of the hukou system, placing the current proposed reforms in context.

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Updates from the CSDE Research & Training Cores

Announcing CSDE Workshops for Winter Quarter!

CSDE will be offering 4 workshops this quarter covering computational topics in GIS, survey statistics, and using Census and ACS data in R with the author of the tidycensus package, Kyle Walker. See below for the full schedule and links for registration:

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CSDE Science and Training Cores Welcome Dr. Jessica Godwin!

CSDE is pleased to announce that Dr. Jessica Godwin has accepted our offer to join CSDE’s Science and Training Cores and joins us fulltime on January 18th! Welcome Jessica!
Dr. Godwin received her PhD in Statistics from the University of Washington in 2021 and also completed CSDE's Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods. She was also the recipient of two CSDE fellowships, one from NICHD and one from the Shanahan Endowment. Her dissertation work examined how to best estimate child mortality from various sources and to improve upon national and subnational estimates in places with sparse data. As part of that effort, she led a study with CSDE Affiliate Jon Wakefield published in Statistics in Medicine that developed space-time modeling techniques for subnational child mortality estimates in low and middle-income countries. Subnational estimations of child mortality for 22 countries developed in collaboration with UN IGME can be found at https://childmortality.org/. Her broad research interests are demography, Bayesian spatiotemporal methods, survey statistics, and the places where all of those things overlap. She was born and raised in Alabama and received her M.S. in Statistics at Auburn University. Her thesis, titled “Group lasso for functional logistic regression”, was advised by Nedret Billor. She also received a B.S. in Actuarial Science - the scientific sibling of demography! Jessica joins CSDE as a Statistical Demographer and the science core is delighted to welcome her to the team. IN ADDITION, Dr. Godwin is picking up the leadership reins of CSDE’s Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods. We can’t think of a better trained statistician and demographer to take up that mantle. The training core is very pleased to know that it will benefit from Jessica's good ideas, generosity towards students, and thoughtful advice for students' successes. To read more about Dr. Godwin, visit her website: https://jlgodwin.github.io/.
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Call for Applications: CSDE Winter 2022 Lightning Talks Due 1/28!!

CSDE welcomes and encourages graduate students to submit abstracts for the CSDE Lightning Talks and Poster Session! This is a wonderful, low-stakes opportunity to present your research, receive feedback, and practice your presentation skills.

Submit a brief abstract and information about yourself and your collaborators here by January 28th.

The session will take place on Friday, March 11th on Zoom. 

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New Resource from Demography for Your Research or Courses

Recently, the journal Demography has compiled publications from its 2021 issues (all open source) which you might find useful in your research or teaching related to gender, immigration, families or population health.  Check it out!

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Call for PAA Annual Award Nominations Due 1/31

Recognize a fellow demographer (or yourself!) who has made outstanding contributions to the field. The deadline for nominations is January 31.
Read more about the four awards that will be presented at the PAA 2022 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on the PAA website.

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Biodemographers -- See RSF Summer Institute on Integrating Biology into the Social Sciences

The Russell Sage Foundation has extended its deadline for its Summer Institute on Integrating Biology into the Social Sciences to Friday, January 28th, 2022.  Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of interest in biology among social scientists.  Despite the promise this new research holds, there are significant obstacles to its implementation. Among the most pressing is the shortage of scholars who are adequately trained to undertake it. To address this gap, The Russell Sage Foundation is sponsoring the summer workshop, Integrating Biology into the Social Sciences.

Workshop attendees will (1) develop an understanding of the conceptual basis for integrating the social and biological sciences, (2) become acquainted with the basic units of biology – genes, cells, and organs, (3) learn the basic physiology of key organ systems, (4) gain familiarity with methods used to measure human biological processes and (5) wrestle with the social, ethical, and political implications of conducting work in this area. The target audience is post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty members in the social sciences, although we are open to applications from advanced graduate students.  The workshop will be hosted by Northwestern University’s Cells to Society group and Institute for Policy Research (IPR). The co-directors are Greg Miller, Emma Adam and Thom McDade, and participating faculty include Edith Chen, Bridget Goosby, Claudia Haase, Michael Kobor, Chris Kuzawa, Robin Nusslock, and Michael Yudell. The workshop will be held in-person in Evanston, IL from June 6-10. Travel and housing will be covered by a grant from the Russell Sage Foundation. Click HERE to learn about the application requirements.

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Grant Opportunity Highlights!

Several outstanding grant opportunities have deadlines approaching that we wanted to share:

As always, if CSDE's teams can be of additional help with your research planning or an application, please let us know. You can submit your interest and plans to the proposal planning form or contact Steve Goodreau with a request for advice (goodreau@uw.edu).

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CSDE Early Career Grant Working Group – consider joining!

Are you an early-career (pre-promotion) faculty member who is thinking about writing a grant?  Perhaps you're just beginning to ponder the idea but don't know where to start - or maybe you're already experienced and still need some information, ideas, or moral support. If so, then you should join CSDE's Early Career Grant Working Group! We meet monthly in a hybrid (in-person in Raitt Hall and on Zoom) on third Thursdays from 1:30-2:30. Please email Steve Goodreau (goodreau@uw.edu) to be added to the mailing list and event invitation.Please note: membership is focused on CSDE affiliates (any UW campus or external) who are in any kind of faculty position prior to their first major promotion (to associate or equivalent). If you have a question about your eligibility, please email Steve Goodreau (goodreau@uw.edu).

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Call for CSDE Proposals: Population Research Planning Grants

CSDE has funds available to provide a variety of forms of support for affiliates submitting grants from now through this summer. This might include funding for hiring an RA (quarterly or hourly), hosting or hiring consultants from inside or outside UW, hiring CSDE scientific staff, acquiring data sets, organizing a mini-workshop or writing retreat, or many other possibilities!  One key restriction, however, is that funds cannot be used for faculty salary support or course buyout.

Applications are rolling, and CSDE's core leadership will review proposals every two weeks until the funds are exhausted. Early applications are encouraged!

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