October 31, 2022

CSDE Seminar Series

Like Grandfather, Like Grandson? Multigenerational Mobility in American History

     Where:  101 Hans Rosling Center or register for hybrid zoom here.
     1:1 Meetings are Available with Dr. Ward:Sign-up here 

Join us for this week’s seminar with Associate Professor Zach Ward from the Department of Economics at Baylor University.  Ward will be speaking about the extent to which intergenerational mobility estimates fail to capture the long-run influences of grandparents.  Nearly all estimates of multigenerational mobility find that socioeconomic status is transmitted more strongly between grandparent and grandchild than predicted from a standard intergenerational model.

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CSDE Research & Highlights

Smith, Hajat, Hurvitz, and Hamilton Receive NIH Funding to Study Role of Racism in Urban Planning Policies and Practices

CSDE Affiliates Jessica Jones-Smith and Anjum Hajat, along with CSDE Research Scientists Phil Hurvitz and Deven Hamilton, received funding from the National Institutes of Health to study the role of racism in urban planning policies and practices in creating inequitable neighborhood food environments and disparities in body mass index levels. The project is a collaboration with investigators at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Yeeli MuiKeshia Pollack Porter and Julia Wolfson).

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Zamora-Kapoor and Co-Authors Publish on Risk of Food Insecurity in Young Adulthood

CSDE External Affiliate Anna Zamora-Kapoor and co-authors have published a paper in The Journal of Nutrition entitled “Risk of Food Insecurity in Young Adulthood and Longitudinal Changes in Cardiometabolic Health: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health“. The authors assess the longitudinal relation between risk of food insecurity in young adulthood and change in diet-sensitive cardiometabolic health outcomes across 10 years among various ethnic groups utilizing the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health study (ADD Health). These data are available to CSDE affiliates through CSDE's UWDC, so don't hesitate to let us know if you would like to employ these data for your own research.

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Flaxman and Sharygin Publish On Reconstructing Age Distributions From Census Data with Differential Privacy Controls

CSDE Affiliate  Abraham Flaxman and CSDE External Affiliate Ethan Sharygin co-authored a study in the journal of Population Research and Policy Review entitled “Reconstruction of age distributions from differentially private census data”. The authors explore the question of whether there are statistical methods that can be applied to noisy age distributions to enhance the research uses of census data without compromising privacy. They utilize a non-parametric method for smoothing and find that smoothing age distributions can increase the fidelity of the demonstration data to previously published population counts by age and discuss implications for future research.

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Please share your accomplishments with CSDE!

CSDE would love to celebrate your accomplishments. If you have a new grant, award, paper, book, editorial, or media coverage, please email csde@uw.edu. We can feature your achievements in our weekly newsletter, and share select items with the Center for Public Information on Population Research to broadcast to a larger audience. This publicity broadens awareness of your work and can facilitate collaborations and other synergies.

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Updates from the CSDE Research & Training Cores

CSDE Co-Sponsors ’Sparking Climate Connections’ Lightning Talks with UW EarthLab

CSDE Affiliates are invited to sign up to give a brief talk about how their research connects relates to climate change at UW EarthLab’s December 1st event ‘Sparking Climate Connections: UW Lightning Talks on Climate Change’ . Lightning talk video presentations will be accepted on a rolling basis until noon on Thursday, November 17. The registration portal is the go-to place to submit a recorded lightning talk, sign up to view the lightning talks and RSVP to the in-person evening networking reception at the Douglas Forum at the Foster School of Business.

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Russell Sage Foundation Letter of Intent Due November 9

The Russell Sage Foundation has several relevant funding programs that may be of interest to a large number of CSDE affiliates. Their funding programs include: Behavioral Science and Decision Making in Context; Future of Work; Immigration and Immigrant Integration; Race, Ethnicity and Immigration; Social, Political, and Economic Inequality.  LOIs are due November 9! Let CSDE know if we can be helpful!

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Postdoctoral Fellowships Now Available at UNC’s Carolina Population Center

The Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is inviting applications for a postdoctoral position funded as part of its NICHD-funded T32 population science training program. The overall goal of the program is to create a cadre of future leaders in social science and public health disciplines with the subject matter expertise, interdisciplinary orientation, population perspective, and data skills to address and have an impact on pressing issues in demography, population health, and reproductive health. for details visit the application page.

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*November 1* UW Data Science Seminar: Planet and Data Access through NASA SmallSatUW Data Science Seminar: Planet and Data Access through NASA SmallSat

If you have any interest in data from NASA, join on Tuesday, November 1st at 4:30 PM to hear Planet’s Director of Strategic Science Initiatives Dr. Tanya Harrison who will be presenting at the UW Data Science Seminar. Dr. Harrison’s talk entitled ” Introduction to Planet and Data Access through the NASA Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program” is sure to be one you don’t want to miss!

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*November 4* Developing Our Public Voice on Mass Media & Social Media: Hosted by Demographers of Color & Allies

On November 4, you are invited to join demographers and students from all backgrounds for a conversation about about developing a public voice.  The Demographers of Color Collective is hosting the conversation will be 10am-11:30am (Pacific time) via a zoom panel of experts on how to engage in mass media and social media.  The zoom link is: https://berkeley.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUkc-msqzkpEtS3SXrCtrZLtMTwalriddET

This virtual panel discussion features PhD demographers of color and allies who know about engagement with media and journalists. Panelists will share about their career, life experiences, and advice. Join this event for a sincere discussion of pivots, resilience, and hope.

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