June 5, 2018

CSDE Research & Highlights

WA OCLA Seeks Student Volunteer Consulting Opportunity

The Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid (OCLA) seeks assistance with updating the Client Demographics/Client Service Delivery Matrix used to plan and monitor the deployment of legal aid staff and pro bono capacity throughout Washington State. The work involves updating census-based information to reflect the most recent information from the 1-YR 2016 American Community Survey on a county-by-county and regional basis.  

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Amy Hagopian Discusses How Police Violence Could Benefit from a Public Health Approach

It’s been nearly a year since Charleena Lyles was shot and killed by Seattle police officers. Last week, members of Lyles’ family joined policy experts in a panel discussion to explore community and legal strategies to stop police violence. Prior to the event, KUOW interviewed Affiliate Amy Hagopian, Associate Professor of Health Services and Global Health, to discuss how opening dialogue between victims and policy makers can frame new ways to prevent crises: “I think it’s an interesting thing to bring together victims with policy people…So it's not just academics who are thinking about this in a cerebral way, but actual people who have been hurt by police."

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Amy Hagopian

René Flores Explores How Elites Shape Public Attitudes Toward Immigrants

How does dehumanizing rhetoric lay the groundwork for violent action? A new story inThe Washington Post explores this question, drawing on research from Affiliate René Flores, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago. Flores' 2018 article, “Can Elites Shape Public Attitudes Toward Immigrants?: Evidence from the 2016 US Presidential Election,” examines how political elites influence public perceptions of social groups they praise or denounce.

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