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Each week, the CSDE Seminar Series brings top demographers from around the world to a classroom near you. These events boast free admission and a variety of formats–check out the sidebar to learn more about each! For more information or to learn how you can get involved with the Seminar Series, please feel free to contact the Seminar Coordinator Matthew Hall.

The Next CSDE Seminar

There is no CSDE Seminar this week. Please see below for the full schedule of upcoming seminars.

Winter 2019 Seminar Schedule

Date Title Speaker(s)
01/11/2019 Panel on Alcohol and Population Health

Emmanuela Gakidou, Professor, Health Metrics Sciences, Adjunct Professor, Global Health & Health Services, UW
Emily Williams, Associate Professor, Health Services, UW
Jennifer Velloza, PhD, Epidemiology, School of Public Health, UW
Jane M Simoni, Professor, Psychology, Adjunct Professor, Global Health & Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies

01/18/2019 The Melting-Pot Problem? The Persistence and Convergence of Premigration Socioeconomic Status in the Age of Mass Migration

Peter Catron, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, UW

01/25/2019 Panel on the Health Risks of Climate Change

Kristie Ebi, Professor, Global Health & Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, UW
Jeffrey Duchin, Professor, Medicine – Allergy and Infectious Diseases & Epidemiology, UW
Sam Sellers, Senior Fellow, CHanGE, Global Health, UW

02/01/2019 Understanding the Correlation between Alzheimer’s Disease Polygenic Risk, Wealth, and the Composition of Wealth Holdings

Dean Lillard, Professor, Department of Human Sciences, Ohio State University

02/08/2019 Intermittent Labor Force Participation: a Source of Bias?: An Experimental Approach Examining Mechanisms and Types of Discrimination

Kate Weisshaar, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

02/15/2019 Psychological Stress and Accelerated Reproductive Aging over the Life Course: Implications for Health and Disease in Women

Maria Bleil, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Child Nursing, School of Nursing, UW

02/22/2019 What Lies Ahead: The Long-Term Impacts of Rising Disaster Costs on Social Inequality

James R Elliott, Professor, Department of Sociology, Rice University

03/01/2019 Leaning In to the ‘Third Shift’: Intensive Grandmothering and Family Inequality

Jennifer Utrata, Burkhardt Fellow, Visiting Affiliate at CSDE & Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Puget Sound

03/08/2019 Have U.S. States Contributed to the Growing Inequalities in Life Expectancy?

Jennifer Karas Montez, Professor, Sociology, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

03/15/2019 CSDE Lightning Talks and Poster Session

Erin Carll, Sociology
Xinguang Fan, Sociology
Lee Fiorio, Geography
Emily Pollock, Anthropology
Hilary Wething, Public Policy