Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Christine Leibbrand

Acting Assistant Professor


Christine Leibbrand graduated with her PhD from the University of Washington’s Department of Sociology in August 2019. She joined the CSDE staff as a Research Scientist and Acting Assistant Professor of Sociology in September 2019, where she has helped organize the CSDE workshops, provided statistical consulting services to UW students and faculty, and contributed to research projects on gun violence and health insurance disparities. Her research focuses on internal migration and residential mobility within the United States and on the relationship between migration, mobility, and individual and familial socioeconomic and neighborhood outcomes. She has also conducted research on the influence of paternal incarceration on children’s neighborhood outcomes, the influence of childhood exposure to segregation on later-life outcomes, and, in collaboration with researchers at Harborview’s Firearms Injury Prevention and Research Center, is currently exploring the impact of exposure to gun violence on adolescents’ health and educational outcomes. Her research has been published in peer-revised journals including the American Journal of Sociology, Demography, and Social Science Research, among others.