Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Zhihang Dong

Spatial Graduate Research Assistant

Office: 218F

Zhihang joined the CSDE team as a Spatial Demography Graduate Research Assistant in the Summer of 2017.  He is a first-year Sociology Ph.D. student at UW, with four B.A.’s from Penn State University:  Sociology, Criminology, Political Science, as well as Philosophy and Media Studies. Zhihang is a statistician  and demographer interested in the following subareas: (1) statistical demography with focus on formal models of migration, family and kinship, (2) spatial statistics, with interests in spatial APC models, spatial data visualization (3) statistical learning, with interests in natural language processing, Bayesian learning network and social big data and (4) applied stochastic modeling. To learn more about Zhihang’s work, visit his Personal Website.