Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Ryan Gabriel

Funded Fellow 2012/2013
Demographic Methods Certificate 2016
Sociology PhD 2016

Ryan Gabriel is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Brigham Young University. Gabriel completed his PhD in Sociology at the University of Washington in 2016, with a dissertation on the residential stratification of mixed-race couples.  His decision to come to the BYU was about the school and its research. “I came to BYU to be a part of a great department,” he said. “We have faculty in sociology who are doing excellent work on important subjects. That was a strong attraction [for] me deciding to accept an appointment in the department.”

Currently, Dr. Gabriel is working on a few projects. Continuing the work of his dissertation, he is investigating residential mobility patterns in mixed-race couples. He is also working to understand how the most recent economic crisis changed the racial composition of neighborhoods. In addition, he is investigating the lynchings that occurred in the South between 1882 and 1930, and attempting to explain how they still have influence on contemporary white-on-black homicide in those same areas.