Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Christian Hess


CSDE Research Areas:

Christian Hess has ongoing collaborations with Kyle Crowder, Ryan Gabriel & Christine Leibbrand. The first piece of this project modelled dynamics of residential mobility out of and into poor neighborhoods according to race and the extent of racial segregation in the metropolitan area.

A second paper–on which he is first author–is nearing preparation for review (currently in draft manuscript form,) and looks at the extent to which Massey and Denton’s concept of black hypersegregation still substantively matters. This work uses a longitudinal data set of the 5 dimensions of segregation that he computed for the team and models both trends in Dissimilarity (1980-2010) and levels of racial disparity in education, income, employment and crude mortality (1990-2010) using a new measure of hypersegregation derived from cluster analysis.