Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Robin LaSota

Non-Certificate Demographic Trainee
Education PhD 2013

Robin earned her PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the UW College of Education in 2013. In addition, Robin was a CREST (Collaborative Researchers for Education Sciences Training) Fellow. Robin’s research aims were to study individual, institutional, and environmental factors that effectively support students from diverse cultural, social, and economic backgrounds to succeed in the educational system, with a focus on baccalaureate degree attainment. While studying factors that increase college enrollment, completion, and academic performance, she also examined programs that foster interdisciplinary scholarship and problem-solving. The advancement of longitudinal educational data systems that facilitate better transitions from early childhood through post-secondary education, and improved educational policy design were a strong interest. Throughout her career, Robin served as an education program designer, evaluation researcher (integrating qualitative and quantitative data analysis and inquiry), grant proposal writer, and educational professional development specialist. Robin received a Masters in Educational Policy and Evaluation from Stanford University, and a BA in Urban Studies and Government from Oberlin College.