Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Tavis Linsin

Demographic Methods Certificate 2016
Education PhD 2016

Tavis’ work explores the intersection of music, creativity, and education. He recently completed his PhD in education at the University of Washington, and holds degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Berklee College of Music. He is currently a visiting scholar at the New York University Music Experience Design Lab, and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in music, education, and research at Boston University and the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He was the recipient of a four-year U.S. Department of Education fellowship in support of The Music Learning Project—a research initiative he created to better understand and support the music learning of young musicians, particularly low-income or otherwise marginalized students. His dissertation—Music Learning Networks: Supporting the Music Learning of Adolescents—completed in 2016, represents a culmination of this work. Please explore the site to learn more about his work, and feel free to contact him if you would like to collaborate.