Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Hilary Wething

Public Policy

Hilary Wething entered the PhD program at the Evans School in 2014. Her research areas include income inequality, poverty, and health policy. Specifically, she is interested in the impact inequality has on children’s socioeconomic outcomes, the relationship between inequality and health status among women and children, and the efficacy of policy to mitigate poverty and inequality.

Her motivation to pursue a PhD at the Evans School stemmed from her work as a research assistant at the Economic Policy Institute (Washington, D.C.), where she gained an understanding of the impact government policy has on living standards of low- and middle-income households. At the Economic Policy Institute, she produced entries for EPI’s blog; co-authored articles, issue briefs, and policy reports; and appeared in research outlets such as American Educator and Inquiry and media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Hilary grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, and earned her BS/BA in Mathematics and Economics from Creighton University in 2011.