Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Jason Williams

Non-Certificate Demographic Trainee
Public Policy PhD 2013

Jason Williams came to the Evans School after nearly a decade in social services research with the University of Alaska, Anchorage and Casey Family Programs. He came to the Evans School to benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of the Ph.D. Program, as well as its affiliation with the UW Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS). Jason has received the CSSS certificate in social statistics, and has been able to work on projects ranging from gender gaps in higher education to mixed income housing to combining student and school-level data relating to student health and achievement.

In addition to CSSS, where he was also a recipient to the 2008 Hubert M. Blalock Fellowship, Jason has been affiliated with the Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology and the West Coast Poverty Center. For the latter, he was a member of the first cohort of Social Policy Research Fellows, and completed a research placement with the Washington State Department of Health analyzing Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey data. Jason is looking forward to applying and building on the skills he gathered in econometrics and statistical analysis, demography, data visualization and knowledge of poverty issues, obesity, nutrition and public policy.