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Project folder name CSDE Systems Reside On Request Date Project Description UW NetIDs to be granted access
ZiqiQualStudy Windows Servers March 14, 2023

Secure project folder for our undergraduate students human subjects research project. Advised by Steven Goodreau and Delaney Glass.

NSD Windows Servers March 2, 2023

Nielsen Retail Scanner Data

FBx Windows Servers March 2, 2023

Fresh Bucks

SBTDOR Windows Servers March 2, 2023

Seattle Sweetened Beverage Tax Evaluation

CPD Windows Servers March 2, 2023

Consumer Panel Data 2018

NWADA Windows Servers February 16, 2023

Examine qualitative and quantitative data collected from people with disabilities about workplace accommodations, access to healthcare, and use of protections under the ADA.

populationdynamicslab Windows Servers February 10, 2023

The Population Dynamics Lab (PDL) is an open science forum currently hosted at the University of Washington’s Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology. It is an online platform for sharing demographic research methods, insights and building scholarly community. Its aim is to provide tools and evidence for understanding the distribution and change in human wellbeing at the population level. These tools and evidence are peer-reviewed in real time and rapidly made available to address developing events, advance demographic science and increase popular understanding of population processes and change.

test Windows Servers February 10, 2023


UFMR01 Windows Servers February 8, 2023

Jessie Jones-Smith research, Universal Meals R01

DASHprojects Windows Servers January 31, 2023

Secondary analysis of factors predicting maternal hypertensive disorder and birth outcomes in three different NICHD DASH datasets (nuMoM2b, CCHN, NCS).

hsphum Windows Servers January 31, 2023

Universal Meals R01 study

VHAS Windows Servers January 30, 2023

The goal of this project is to disentangle the long-term effects of war exposure upon health, social relations, and material wellbeing in Vietnamese survivors of the Vietnam War. This builds on the the currently-active Vietnam Health and Aging Study and would expand biomarker testing to include repeated waves, allowing calculation of the pace of aging and investigating its links to the stress of war exposure at varying points in the life course.

NCBirthCohort Windows Servers January 5, 2023

The purpose of this study is to gain an understanding of the association between exposure to ambient air pollution and infant mortality. The potential for sociodemographic factors (such as race/ethnicity, income status, or birth outcomes), climate-related variables (such as extreme heat events), or neighborhood-level characteristics (such as historical redlining or greenspace) to modify these associations will be examined.

Specific Aim: Quantify the association between estimated exposure to outdoor air pollutants and infant mortality in a North Carolina birth cohort (2003-2015)
Sub Aim: Evaluate the potential for sociodemographic, birth outcomes, climate-related variables, or neighborhood-level characteristics to modify these associations

WSDA-WAFOOD Windows Servers January 4, 2023

Assessment of household food insecurity in Washington State during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CensusChallenge Windows Servers December 5, 2022

Working with the City of Seattle to understand the 2020 Census undercount

Nielsen-Spillover Windows Servers December 1, 2022

This project will assess whether the Seattle Sweetened Beverage Tax led to decreases in volume sold of sweetened beverages in non-taxed areas near Seattle, considered a spillover effect of the tax. We will analyze Nielsen retail scanner data on beverage purchases in Seattle, in nearby non-taxed areas, and comparison areas. The Nielsen retail scanner data include information on weekly, UPC-level volume sold for sweetened beverages in each participating store over 4 years. This project is supervised by Dr. Jessica Jones-Smith. Leah Neff Warner is the doctoral student leading analysis. The project is part of Leah's dissertation and related to her RA position.

USDA-IDEAS Windows Servers November 23, 2022

Study of complexity in decision-making within sustainable livestock systems in the United States.

JDEMOG Windows Servers November 15, 2022

Data for transitioning between editorial systems for the journal Demography

STOREE Windows Servers November 10, 2022

The project will use a mixed methods design to investigate the role of structural racism vis-à-vis historical racialized policies and urban planning decisions on current day inequitable neighborhood and food environments and BMI disparities. We will examine the historical and contemporary sociopolitical context of these three racialized policies through interviews, document and media reviews, and test the feasibility of linking newly compiled spatial and contextual urban planning and policy data with the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) cohort, which contains in-depth, longitudinal health data for people who were initially recruited from six cities.

SKCWEA Windows Servers October 29, 2022

This is a study of wage equity focusing on nonprofit human service organizations in Seattle and King County. More information at

SESYNC Windows Servers October 21, 2022

This is a multidisciplinary collaboration that will synthesize spatial datasets from ecology, demography, and economics to map and evaluate the feasibility of tree cover expansion and its socio-environmental impacts.

DAP-VEMR Windows Servers October 11, 2022

The Dog Aging Project has collected 10's of thousands of veterinary electronic medical records (VEMRs). Working with collaborating AI/ML data scientist, Minh Nguyen, we are attempting to develop automated mechanisms for extracting key data from these medical records files (pdfs).

UWED Windows Servers September 16, 2022

WA Legislature line item to support a public facing database on voting history, demographics, etc.

JuvenileDecline Windows Servers August 4, 2022

Analysis of Data on Washington State Juvenile Convictions.

Greening Windows Servers July 28, 2022

This is a mixed methods study to community opinions and preferences regarding green infrastructure, and the potential impacts on well-being that come from tree-planting efforts.

Project folder name CSDE Systems Reside On Request Date Project Description UW NetIDs to be granted access