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May 11, 2021

Project Folder Request Listing

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Project folder name CSDE Systems Reside On Request Date Project Description UW NetIDs to be granted access
USDA-IDEAS Windows Servers November 23, 2022

Study of complexity in decision-making within sustainable livestock systems in the United States.

JDEMOG Windows Servers November 15, 2022

Data for transitioning between editorial systems for the journal Demography

STOREE Windows Servers November 10, 2022

The project will use a mixed methods design to investigate the role of structural racism vis-à-vis historical racialized policies and urban planning decisions on current day inequitable neighborhood and food environments and BMI disparities. We will examine the historical and contemporary sociopolitical context of these three racialized policies through interviews, document and media reviews, and test the feasibility of linking newly compiled spatial and contextual urban planning and policy data with the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) cohort, which contains in-depth, longitudinal health data for people who were initially recruited from six cities.

SKCWEA Windows Servers October 29, 2022

This is a study of wage equity focusing on nonprofit human service organizations in Seattle and King County. More information at

SESYNC Windows Servers October 21, 2022

This is a multidisciplinary collaboration that will synthesize spatial datasets from ecology, demography, and economics to map and evaluate the feasibility of tree cover expansion and its socio-environmental impacts.

DAP-VEMR Windows Servers October 11, 2022

The Dog Aging Project has collected 10's of thousands of veterinary electronic medical records (VEMRs). Working with collaborating AI/ML data scientist, Minh Nguyen, we are attempting to develop automated mechanisms for extracting key data from these medical records files (pdfs).

UWED Windows Servers September 16, 2022

WA Legislature line item to support a public facing database on voting history, demographics, etc.

JuvenileDecline Windows Servers August 4, 2022

Analysis of Data on Washington State Juvenile Convictions.

Greening Windows Servers July 28, 2022

This is a mixed methods study to community opinions and preferences regarding green infrastructure, and the potential impacts on well-being that come from tree-planting efforts.

HCBS Windows Servers July 18, 2022

Interviews with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to assess the level and adequacy of state-based services. Also to assess the current training and training needs of personal care attendants.

PolicingUndesirables Windows Servers July 1, 2022

Study looking at patterns of police arrests in Paris, France

PHI-ARFP-2022 Windows Servers June 15, 2022

The Applied Research Fellowship Program is a collaboration between Population Health Initiative & CSDE involving 5 student fellows. We will be working with King County Dept of Assessments with a longitudinal set of their data.

They've not given us any restrictions on the data, but I am not yet sure how large it is. It lives on OneDrive right now, so wouldn't necessarily need to be backed up, but I would like a copy for us all to work with downloaded and accessible via CSDE computing services. If you would like to create two folders (one that is not backed up for the data and one that is backed up for our work) the folder that will not be backed up and contain the data can be called "PHI-ARFP-2022-Data".

I will ask the students (UW netids: olivert, jcastil, mj49, cgovella, mkw1208) to create CSDE computing accounts this week and then they can be added.

Safegraph Windows Servers June 13, 2022

Spatial data with custom use agreement circa 2017
full raw data and some cleaned data Adrian made
Hopes to share with students, but must vet data products before publication


STAB Windows Servers June 8, 2022

Read/Write Project folder to store scripts/results/etc in for members of Jon Wakefield's STAB lab that rely on data in the Read-only STABData folder

More uw netids will be added as students request their CSDE accounts.

STABData Windows Servers June 8, 2022

Folder on R:\NoBackup to be used for read-only downloading of DHS, WorldPop, and GADM data by members of Jon Wakefield's lab STAB (Space-time Analysis, Bayes)

We will add more UW netids as the CSDE Computing Accounts get approved.

Re: grant funding -- there is no grant, but the UN has finally agreed to financially support aspects of this work, so there may be some wiggle room there if needed.

Terpenes-Restricted Windows Servers May 30, 2022

Assessing health impacts of VOC exposure in ambient air in natural settings.

Terpenes Windows Servers April 6, 2022

We are measuring the impacts of forest bathing on outcomes related to well-being, including affect, inflammatory biomarkers, and physiology. The study is within-subjects and involves two different conditions (separated by a 7-day washout period) of exposure to volatile organic compounds that occur naturally in forest settings.

ICWA Windows Servers March 31, 2022

Dr. Frank Edwards and Dr. Theresa Rocha Beardall are studying the relationships between tribal sovereignty, family separation, and place within the contexts of Indian child welfare and policing using mixed methods.

PolicingUndesirables Windows Servers March 25, 2022

The research will analyze case files of several high-profile lawsuits in which police officers were accused of excessive use of force, racial profiling, arbitrary detention, and other abuses. It has two main objectives:
1) We will analyze criminal law, civil law, and administrative law case files, to understand the opportunities and obstacles for victims seeking to challenge abusive policing in French courts.
2) We will also use the evidence produced within lawsuits and included in the case files to analyze policing patterns of practice and to examine where the police target their patrols, whether some groups are disproportionately targeted based on race, class, residence, age, gender, or which policies and practices undergird specific police actions.

emily-test Windows Servers March 23, 2022

this is a test

CAPPP Windows Servers January 28, 2022

I am requesting this because I am researching how exposure to COVID minsinformation on twitter has affected public trust during the pandemic. I have about 200 GB of twitter data split across multiple CSV files that I will be analyzing in R for my project.

Monetary-Sanctions-Collective Windows Servers January 21, 2022

This project is on the broad reach and burden of monetary sanctions. We know how monetary sanctions affect individual debtors and even their families, but how much does the system of monetary sanctions affect family and communities? The second aim of our research is to investigate alternative legal system reforms. What could “justice” look like through reform?

sheldus-sample Windows Servers January 18, 2022

Sample record-level data from SHELDUS as a test to see what data are in the highest resolution product.

Monetary-Sanctions-Collective Unix Servers January 17, 2022

The Collective to Study the Broad Reach and Burden of Monetary Sanctions is a multi-state, multi-institutional research project on the consequence and inequalities generated by the system of monetary sanctions.

TNXT2DM Windows Servers January 13, 2022

Examine the long term effects of patient cost burden on diabetes management and dementia risk

Project folder name CSDE Systems Reside On Request Date Project Description UW NetIDs to be granted access