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May 11, 2021

Project Folder Request Listing

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Project folder name CSDE Systems Reside On Request Date Project Description UW NetIDs to be granted access
testest Windows Servers June 2, 2021


hprm Unix Servers May 4, 2021

This is a UC Berkeley project that analyzes evictions, residential displacement, unemployment, and COVID at the tract level. Along with other datasets, we will store infogroup data purchased by UC Berkeley, completely separate from the UW’s data center data. We’d like to have this folder on Linux and it should NOT be backed up. Also, Alex Ramiller (NET ID aramille) should be allowed access to this folder but I’m getting an error above saying he doesn’t have an account. Would it be possible to add him as well? Thank you!

testing Windows Servers March 30, 2021


JSIS595-IHDS Windows Servers March 29, 2021

The folder will hold data from the Indian HumanDevelopment Survey. This is non-restricted data, publicly accessible for download on the internet. This will be used by my class JSIS 595 Introduction to Quantitative Methods. Once they get CSDE accounts, I'd like my students to have access to this folder; the following 6 netids:



Sanctuary Windows Servers March 24, 2021

This project examines Seattle's Welcoming City Resolution and the impact it has had on local agencies and advocacy groups. Specifically, we conduct interviews with civil servants and community advocates to assess their perceptions immigration enforcement and public safety.

OralHealthResearch Windows Servers March 5, 2021

Oral health research

parcel-policy Windows Servers March 5, 2021

Using parcel data and other administrative data to inform impact of 2017 City of Seattle ordinances on rental housing market.

C3AP Windows Servers March 3, 2021

In this project we examine the use of analogies and comparisons between air pollution and climate change in newspaper articles (in the U.S. elite press, initially) to test a small set of hypotheses regarding how climate change and air pollution have been discussed and explained in relation to one another over the past decade. We hypothesize that climate change is analogized to air pollution, and that this has increased over the past decade. We also hypothesize that treatment of climate change and air pollution as synonyms has increased over the past decade. The study entails conducting content analysis of a random sample of newspaper articles from the elite press (initially the NYT over the past decade) that mention climate change and air pollution, using NVivo. The design draws on concepts and methods from Kevin Dunbar’s work on analogical use and conceptual change in human thinking, as well as mental models research suggesting that the hypothesized analogizing and treatment of air pollution and climate change as synonyms is prevalent among non-experts and is associated with climate change mitigation misconceptions and policy preferences.

Please put the folder in my project folder (thank you!): [R:\Project\Bostrom\C3AP]

LAHRA Windows Servers March 1, 2021

Promoting health by understanding risk and protective factors for substance use among Latino youth in rural and small-town communities in the United States

CHAZ-CHOP-Study Windows Servers February 25, 2021

Qualitative project interviewing business owners and staff of stores in and around the former CHAZ CHOP

csde533project Windows Servers February 21, 2021

This folder will be used to conduct a term project for CSSS/CSDE 533, Demographic Research Methods. Analyses involve population projections using ACS, BRFSS and NVSS data.

emily-test Windows Servers February 16, 2021


Suicidality Windows Servers February 8, 2021

Emma and I are using National Longitudinal Survey of Youth data to look at the individual, familial, and contextual determinants of suicidal ideation.

AsianGPG Windows Servers January 21, 2021

MSW thesis on the gender pay gap among Asians in the United States.

Tanginak Windows Servers January 21, 2021

The project involves organizing and analyzing archaeological and related data from the Tanginak Anchorage region of Kodiak and Sitkalidak Alaska.

evictions-study Unix Servers January 16, 2021

Original evictions data (photocopies) for project, also various processed results.

FFdata Windows Servers January 12, 2021

This project uses the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing study to examine maternal and child health.

ihartmaya Windows Servers January 7, 2021

Sexual health and STD/HIV prevention among Native adults living on reservation in Southwest.

testing Windows Servers December 29, 2020

this is a test

C19Couples Windows Servers December 16, 2020

This project makes use of a targeted online survey to examine the response of same- and different-sex US couples to work and family disruptions associated with COVID-19. The project draws from perspectives on family resilience to explore the pathways linking work disruptions (including those involving unpaid family work), minority stress, and respondent well-being and couple adjustment.

TESTING Windows Servers December 16, 2020


natrent-data-shop Windows Servers November 6, 2020

National rental market study Cityscape data shop memo related to multisource scraping

MOUDTreatmentPolicy Windows Servers October 28, 2020

This project aims to evaluate how jail-based medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) treatment policies influence criminal justice and public health outcomes. We will be interviewing county stakeholders to characterize these policies throughout California and individuals living with an OUD to understand their preferences.

AdaptationsActivity Windows Servers October 18, 2020

Our project aims to improve understanding about how humans adapt to physical activity and local ecologies, including living at altitude and psychosocial stress. We connect immune function, cellular aging, genotype, and stress data to better understand evolved aspects of human biology and adaptation.

Mooney-ACMT Windows Servers September 28, 2020

Development of a tool to automate the collection of large amounts of contextual/neighborhood data

Project folder name CSDE Systems Reside On Request Date Project Description UW NetIDs to be granted access