September 12, 2017

CSDE Workshops

Portable Methods for Biomarker Data Collection in the Field: Anthropometrics, Vital signs and Point-of-care tests
     When:  Monday, Sep 25, 2017 (1:00-3:00 PM)
     Where:  114 Raitt Hall

Offered by Ellie Brindle, CSDE Biodemography

CSDE is offering a hands-on workshop that will demonstrate methods for collecting biomarker data in non-clinical settings without the need to transport samples back to a lab. We’ll practice proper technique for measuring height, weight, body composition and blood pressure, and the use of simple tools for biomarker testing with blood collected from a finger prick. A brief lecture component will cover costs, logistical considerations, and some of the advantages and limitations of these techniques.

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CSDE Research & Highlights

eScience Invites CSDE Affiliates to also Affiliate with the eScience Institute

Potential eScience affiliates should set up a brief (~30 minute) meeting with one of the Executive Directors -Sarah Stone and/or Micaela Parker (exec-director@escience.washington.edu) – so that the Executive Directors can get a better idea of your research interests. Sarah/Micaela will share an overview of current eScience activities and discuss how/where new affiliates might be integrated. 

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Melissa Knox Awarded CHTF Pilot Grant

Affiliate Melissa Knox was recently awarded a Pilot Grant from the Center for Health Trends and Forecasts (CHTF) at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, which provides funding for pilot projects of up to two years to conduct novel social science research. Knox, a Lecturer in the Department of Economics, received the award for her proposal, “Demand for preventative care services and health disparity among Mexico’s vulnerable populations in the era of universal health care”.

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Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen Addresses Health Disparities Amongst Older LGB Adults

According to a study co-authored by affiliate and Professor of Social Work Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen, lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) adults over the age of 50 are more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions than their heterosexual peers. The study was published in the August edition of the American Journal of Public Health. 

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Scott Allard Explores the Link Between Food Access and Security

In an article published in the August edition of the Journal of Consumer Affairs, affiliate Scott Allard, Professor at the Evans School, and colleagues explore the association between food insecurity and access to food retailers in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. 

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Tom Burch Authors Forthcoming Book on Model-Based Demography

Affiliate Tom Burch, Adjunct Professor of Sociology at the University of Victoria, recently authored a book titled Model-Based Demography: Essays on Integrating Data, Technique and Theory. Slated to be published this fall in the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research series Demographic Research Monographs, the book provides a view of demography as a complete scientific discipline—rather than a branch of applied statistics—from a model-based perspective. 

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