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Portable Methods for Biomarker Data Collection in the Field: Anthropometrics, Vital signs and Point-of-care tests

Posted: 9/12/2017 (CSDE Workshop)

Offered by Ellie Brindle, CSDE Biodemography

CSDE is offering a hands-on workshop that will demonstrate methods for collecting biomarker data in non-clinical settings without the need to transport samples back to a lab. We’ll practice proper technique for measuring height, weight, body composition and blood pressure, and the use of simple tools for biomarker testing with blood collected from a finger prick. A brief lecture component will cover costs, logistical considerations, and some of the advantages and limitations of these techniques.

Please contact Ellie Brindle ( to register.


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Date: 09/25/2017

Time: 1:00-3:00 PM

Location: 114 Raitt Hall