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Primary Research Areas

Primary Research Areas

Demography is the study of population growth, mobility, fertility, and mortality. With its focus on contemporary social, biological, and environmental issues, CSDE research bridges divides between disciplines.


Demographic Measurements and Methods

How many are we? How fast is our society growing? How do we generate accurate population estimates? These are just a few questions UW demographers and population scientists seek to answer.

Environments and Populations

How are humans shaped by their surrounding environments? For example, how do neighborhoods influence nutrition? How does climate change affect human migration? UW population science attempts to answer these questions and more.


Health of People and Populations

From investigations of birth outcomes and reproductive health to aging and morbidity, CSDE researchers are at the forefront of population health. Other areas of focus include disease, mental well-being, and biosocial determinants of health.


Migrations and Settlements

Our Research Affiliates are investigating the archeology of mobility and settlement, immigrant adaptation, migration and health, and the causes of migration.


Wellbeing of Families and Households

CSDE Affiliates’ scientific contributions further our understanding about the transition to adulthood, family dynamics and relationship quality, and poverty and inequality.