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CSDE Research Affiliate

Zack W. Almquist

Assistant Professor, Sociology
University of Washington
Tel: 206-543-7290 Box: 353340

CSDE Committees: Executive Committee Member and Training Committee Member

CSDE Research Areas:

  • Demographic Measurements and Methods
  • Environments and Populations
  • Health of People and Populations
  • Migration and Settlement

In the News:

Zack W. Almquist is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Senior Data Science Fellow at the University of Washington, where he also holds affiliation with CSDE and Urban@UW. From 2018-2020 he was a Research Scientist in the Demography and Survey Science team at Facebook, Inc; from 2017-2018 he was a Visiting Scholar in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University; and from 2013-2018 he was an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Statistics at the University of Minnesota. His research centers on the development and application of mathematical, computational, and statistical methodology to better understand the problems and theories of social networks analysis, demography, education, homelessness, and environmental action and governance. In the field of Demography Dr. Almquist’s research has been published in journals such as: Demographic Research, Mathematical Population Studies, Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, Geographic Analysis, and The Journal of Gerontology: Series B.