Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

While not a degree-granting unit, CSDE administers a Training Program that has provided UW master’s and doctoral students with advanced, interdisciplinary training in population studies for over 60 years. Trainees receive mentoring from CSDE Faculty Affiliates, and support from CSDE staff.  The Training Program offers a broad curriculum, professional development seminars, weekly research seminars, workshops and working groups. The Training Program includes two formal programs, the Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods Program officially recognized by the University, and the Fellowship Program.  Learn how you can get involved in some of these opportunities below!

Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods

This Graduate Certificate Program provides training beyond that of a graduate degree, priming you for a career in population research.

Predoctoral Fellowships Funding

CSDE awards distinguished fellowships for predoctoral funding and additional mentoring. Find out if you’re eligible!

Demography Courses

  • Demography and Ecology (CSDE/Soc 513): The theory and research from interdisciplinary, international and historical perspectives.
  • Research Methods in Demography (CSDE/CS&SS/Soc 533)
  • Population Studies Proseminar (CSDE 502): A series of 3 short courses covering professional issues and applied research methods and ethics.

More Courses

CSDE Seminar

This weekly interdisciplinary seminar series is an integral part of CSDE’s research and training program.  Graduate students may receive credit by registering for CSDE 501.

Series Schedule

Credit Requirements


CSDE Workshops are free, open to the UW community, and particularly useful for sharpening specific research skills.

Upcoming Offerings