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What follows is a note meant to be helpful and to alert you to a few upcoming changes or additions to the Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods.


1. There are upcoming electives for winter quarter that might round out the completion of your certificate:

  • SOC 590A Sociology of Migration (3.0 credits)
  • SOC 590B Comparative Marriage and Family (1.0-3.0 credits)
  • HSERV 490/590 Homeless in Seattle: Destitute Poverty in the Emerald City (1.0 credit)


Other elective courses can be found here  If none of these fit the bill and you’d like to know whether another course would work, please email Jessica Godwin with the course and syllabus.  We’ll review it and let you know if it will work.


2. Note about Winter 2022 SOC 533:

SOC 533 – Demographic Techniques – is offered alongside CSDE 502.  This year CSDE 502 will serve as the tethered, or linked, lab course for R procedures in demography.  If you have not taken SOC 533, but have taken the winter quarter CSDE 502 in a previous year, we are requiring that you join CSDE 502 (sitting in on the class) so that you participate in the lab exercises.  Additionally, we require that those enrolling in SOC 533 be familiar with, or be knowledgeable of, the material in CSSS 508 | UW CSSS508: Introduction to R for Social Scientists (self study is fine, but we will expect everyone to have reviewed the material before starting SOC 533 and CSDE 502).


3. Note about Spring 2022 CSDE/SOC 513:

CSDE/SOC 513 -Demography & Society – will be offered in both 2022 Spring and Autumn.  This double offering will only occur in 2022.  In all future years, CSDE/SOC 513 will be offered in the Autumn quarter.  


4. There are two valuable methods courses in the spring quarter that we also highly recommend and that can also serve as electives for the certificate:

  • CSSS/SOC/STAT 563 – Statistical Demography (Spring 2022)
  • SOC 538 – Data Science, Population Process and Health (Spring 2022)


5. Future cohorts of incoming students the recommended sequence of required courses will be (starting in AY 2022-23):

Quarter Required Courses
Autumn CSDE 501 and 502; SOC/CSDE 513
Winter CSDE 501; CSDE 502 (jointly required with CSDE 533); SOC 533
Spring CSDE 501; CSDE 502; [Valuable electives, but not yet required: CSSS/SOC/STAT 563 and SOC 538]


If you have any concerns or questions please reach out to either Zack W. Almquist (Core Training PI, CSDE) or Jessica Godwin (Interim Training Director, CSDE).

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