Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

CSDE is more than a research institution—it’s an academic community. We try to connect that community with as many relevant work, funding, and presentation opportunities as possible.


Opportunities Location Deadline
Visiting Research Scholar, Fung Global Fellows Program Princeton University 11/01/2017
Assistant Professor of Social Work Colorado State University 08/23/2017
R03 and R21 NIH Grants: Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Genomics 10/16/2017
Epidemiologist at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, GA 07/31/2017
Geographer at US Census Bureau Suitland, MD 07/20/2017
Assistant Professor of Sociology Mount Holyoke College 10/02/2017
Policy Intern at Seattle Housing Authority Seattle, WA
Assistant Professor of Sociology Stanford University 09/15/2017
Lecturer in Data Science University of California, Berkeley
Assistant Professor in Family Economic Wellbeing Iowa State University 10/15/2017
Call for Papers: Journal of Population Research Special Issue – Administrative Data, Immigration, and Migration 07/15/2017
Assistant Professor in Environmental Sociology University of British Columbia 09/15/2017
Postdoctoral Research Assistant – Quantitative Social Sciences University of Reading 07/13/2017
Assistant Professor of Population Geography University of Groningen 07/11/2017
Call for Submissions: Annual Pacific Northwest Labor Day Workshop 07/14/2017
Population Health Initiative – Pilot Research Grants 07/28/2017
Request for Proposal: Evaluation of King County Pay for Success Initiative King County, WA 07/07/2017
Professor of Latin American Studies Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10/16/2017
Postdoctoral Fellowship – Race and Social Problems University of Pittsburgh 07/15/2017
Research Professor and Director of Research and Evaluation Rutgers University
Population Biologist Pittsburgh, PA
Free Statistical Consulting Services for UW Students, Faculty, and Staff University of Washington
Royalty Research Fund – Autumn 2017 09/21/2017
Assistant Professor in Human Geography University of Copenhagen 07/12/2017
Instructor of Geography Victor Valley College 07/09/2017
Assistant Professor of Health Studies East Stroudsburg University 08/01/2017
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Economics – Institute for Women’s Policy Research Washington, D.C. 06/15/2017
Scholars Strategy Network Postdoctoral Fellowship 06/30/2017
Martha H. Duggan Fellowship in Labor Studies 06/12/2017
Amazon Catalyst Award 06/09/2017