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CSDE News & Events

CSDE is more than a research institution—it’s an academic community. We try to connect that community with as many relevant work, funding, and presentation opportunities as possible.


Opportunities Location Deadline
Williams and Khan to Host Migration & Health Workshop October 12-13, 2023 HUB 337 and PAR 360 10/12/2023
NIH Clinical Trial R01 for Biopsychosocial Factors of Social Connectedness on Health (Deadline: 6/22/2024) 06/22/2024
Assistant Professor – Department of Political Science (Deadline: 9/16/2023) Barnard College
Postdoctoral Fellow in Global Aging at the University of Pennsylvania’s Population Aging Research (Open until filled) University of Pennsylvania
PSU Population Research Center Seeks Program Manager (Open until filled) Portland State University
Drexel University Seeks Postdoctoral Scientist (Deadline: 9/18/2023) Drexel University, Pennsylvania
Assistant Professor in Epidemiology (Open until filled) University of Maryland
Faculty Fellow, XE: Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement (Deadline: 1/4/2024) New York University Graduate School of Arts & Science, NYC
DSHS RDA Seeking a Research Associate for Diversity in Clinical Trials (Deadline: 9/11/2023) Olympia, WA
Assistant Professor of Quantitative Social Science (Open until filled) Dartmouth College
MPIDR Seeks Postdocs/Research Scientists in Digital and Computational Demography (Deadline: 10/7/2023) Rostock, Germany
Washington State Institute for Public Policy Seeks Senior Research Associate in Criminal Justice (Deadline: 9/19/2023) Olympia, WA
Assistant Professor of Sociology of Immigration Ohio State University, Columbus Campus
The East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference (Deadline: 9/15/2023) Honolulu, Hawaii
PAA 2024 Open for Submissions for Annual Meetings (Due: 10/1/23) Columbus, Ohio 10/01/2023
*New* ORC Announces Upcoming UW Provost Bridge Funding Program (Due: 11/1/23) 11/01/2023
*New* NIH Releases NOSI for Grants Evaluating Digital Technologies and AI Tools (Due: 3/9/24)
CSDE Bids Farewell to Belinda Sachs and Opens Up New Position
*New* Announcing Fall 2023 Round of Royalty Research Fund (Due: 9/21/23) 09/21/2023
IES Announces FY 2024 Research Grant Competitions (Due: 9/21/23) 09/21/2023
Register for Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science (Due: 9/26/23) Baltimore, MD 09/26/2023
*New* Climate Funding Opportunity with CO2 Foundation (Due: 10/15/23) 10/15/2023
Assistant Professor of Sociology – Housing/Homelessness University of Washington, Seattle
Assistant Professor of Sociology Climate Change/Environmental Inequality University of Washington, Seattle
Assistant Professor – Demography/Population Studies University of Minnesota 09/15/2023
Assistant Professor – Demography/Population Studies University of Minnesota 09/15/2023
Many NIH Funding Opportunities Available
Vice President of Research and Development California Workers' Compensation Institute, Oakland
Assistant Professor in Social Demography McGill University, Montreal 09/18/2023
LSH&TM Seeking an Assistant Professor in Demography London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 09/15/2023