Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

With over 100 Research Affiliates from various disciplines under its wing, CSDE proudly supports a broad spectrum of demographic research. Check out some of our scholars’ accomplishments and news coverage below.

CSDE Research Highlights

Michelle O’Brien Publishes Research on Russian Migration and Ethnic Nationalism May 23rd, 2017

Michelle O’Brien, CSDE Funded Fellow and doctoral student in Sociology at UW, recently published a paper in Migration Studies examining ties between ethnic migration and sociopolitical pressure in Russia. O’Brien argues that push factors from anti-minority nationalist parties have encouraged greater out-migration among ethnic minorities. Her studies suggest that ethnic minorities are not inherently inclined to migrate more than majority groups–they are simply pressured into doing so by political sentiment.

You can read the full publication by logging in with your UW NetID below.

René Flores and India Ornelas Honored with Latinx Faculty Awards May 22nd, 2017

CSDE Affiliates Professor René Flores (Sociology) and Professor India Ornelas (Health Services) were both recognized with Latinx Faculty Awards by the UW’s Latino Center for Health for their distinguished scholarly accomplishments, advocacy, and leadership this year on behalf of Latina/o communities and needs. Award recipients either were promoted to associate professor or professor, published an article in a high-impact journal, published a book, secured a major grant, or are retiring during or near the end of the academic year.

CSDE Highlights from PAA 2017 May 22nd, 2017

CSDE is pleased to provide travel scholarships for a number of its Certificate Trainees and training grant Fellows in order for them to present their research to the national community. One of the key meetings for our students is the Population Association of America meeting, held this year in Chicago on April 27 – 29, 2017. Here are some stories from several of our students who attended. If you would like to help CSDE support travel to upcoming conferences,

Tim Thomas Spots Seattle’s Alarming Racial Migration Trend May 16th, 2017

Tim Thomas, CSDE Trainee and UW graduate student in Sociology, recently spoke with KUOW about a demographic movement pattern he observed: black migration out of Seattle. Thomas explains that rising rent prices are shifting the city’s makeup by racial background as well as economic status. This movement has accelerated in recent years, and the data suggest the trend will continue as long as inner-city rent remains high. You can read the full story below.

Lisa Jones-Engel and Amy Klegarth Investigate Urban Primate Ranging Patterns May 16th, 2017

Lisa Jones-Engel, CSDE Affiliate and UW Affiliate Associate Professor of Anthropology, and Amy Klegarth, a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Anthropology at UW, recently published a study on the ranging patterns of urban primates. The team placed GPS collars on two species of macaques in order to better understand how urbanization has affected mobility in Singapore and Gibraltar. The study’s findings highlight how macaques’ behavioral plasticity is represented in their ranging patterns and preferences. You can read the full study below.

Betty Bekemeier Publishes Research on Physical Activity in Local Health Jurisdictions May 16th, 2017

Betty Bekemeier, CSDE Affiliate and Assistant Professor of Psychosocial and Community Health at UW, recently published a study on local areas’ efforts in promoting physical activity among residents. This cluster analysis examines practices in six states and discovered that coordinated community health plans can lead to clear reductions in obesity incidence. The study also highlighted the importance of data tracking and storage, practices that made this research possible. The full report is available below.

Kam Wing Chan Featured in Discussion of Beijing’s Barriers to Migrant Schooling May 16th, 2017

Kam Wing Chan, CSDE Affiliate and UW Professor of Geography, spoke with Toronto Star about how China’s population problems are affecting the availability of education. China’s hukou, an internal passport system based on heredity, is geared toward population control. Children of migrant parents, however, exist outside that system—as a result, they face near-insurmountable barriers to a Beijing education and are often forced away from the city. You can read the full article below.

CSDE Supports Grant Applications – Check Out These New Opportunities! May 9th, 2017

CSDE provides grant application support for Affiliates submitting through our unit. This includes help with timelines, budget preparation, subawards, and application guidelines. We will help you interface with campus and online submission systems (SAGE, ASSIST, FastLane, Grants.Gov, eRA Commons etc.) to streamline your submission.

There are several upcoming opportunities through the Population Dynamics Branch of NICHD for demographers (due date in parentheses):

R21 – NICHD Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant (June 16)
The NICHD Exploratory/Developmental Grant program supports exploratory and developmental research projects that fall within the NICHD mission by providing support for the early and conceptual stages of these projects.

Jacob Vigdor Explains Seattle’s Growing Pains to Q13 News May 9th, 2017

Jacob Vigdor, CSDE Affiliate and Professor of Public Policy at UW, spoke with Q13 News about an interesting byproduct of the Seattle metro area’s recent growth: commute times. With suburban development outpacing the city’s own growth, more residents are finding themselves spending more time on traffic-clogged highways to reach their workplaces. Vigdor discusses the causes and ramifications of this spread in the full interview, which you can watch below.

Steven Goodreau Publishes Research on Racial Disparities in HIV Incidence May 9th, 2017

Steven Goodreau, CSDE Affiliate and Associate Professor of Anthropology at UW, along with Samuel Jenness, former CSDE Fellow and now Assistant Professor at Emory, recently published a study examining the link between race and HIV status among men who have sex with men. Black men who have sex with men have a significantly higher rate of incidence, and Goodreau’s research team developed a simulation model to evaluate the existing data and hypotheses surrounding these differences.