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Announcing the next round of the Royalty Research Fund (RRF) February 28th, 2024
Call for Submissions: IAPHS’s 2024 Fall Conference (Occurring Sept 10-13, 2024) February 28th, 2024
Where: St. Louis, MO

CSDE Computational Demography Working Group (CDWG) Hosts David Coomes on Examining the Role of Migration in the Rural Mortality Penalty (3/6/24) February 28th, 2024
Photo of Coomes

David Coomes, a PhD student in the Department of Epidemiology and CSDE T32 Fellow (UW) will join CSDE to discuss his work examining the role of migration in the rural mortality penalty. The rural mortality penalty, in which rural areas have higher age-adjusted mortality rates as compared to more urban areas, has emerged over the last few decades in the US. Previous research has focused on characteristics of rural areas, such as access to healthcare,

Chen Awarded NASA Early Career Investigator Award February 28th, 2024
CSDE Research

CSDE Affiliate Professor Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen (College of Built Environment and School of Public Health) has just learned that she has been awarded a NASA Early Career Investigator Program in Earth Science for a project that will examine heat impacts on human health in urban settings in the Mediterranean. The project aims to understand the influence of 3-D urban land cover/land use changes (urban LCLUC) on extreme humid heat and its subsequent impact on health burden in the Mediterranean region.

Multiple Postdoc Positions February 28th, 2024
Where: Basque Foundation for Science

Event on Fostering Connections in AI and Health February 28th, 2024
Demography Event
When: 03/05/2024 10:00AM-1:00PM
Where: The HUB, Room 145

Evans Seminar: Dr. Sophia Jordán Wallace from UW’s Dept. of Political Science February 28th, 2024
When: 03/06/2024 11:30-12:30PM
Where: 360 Parrington Hall

Many CSDE-Relevant Grant Opportunities at NICHD! February 28th, 2024
NAtional Institutes of Health

The NICHD has listed many grant opportunities that should be of interest to CSDE affiliates. Check out the list here. If you are interested, CSDE can help you with providing ‘eyes’ for feedback on the narrative, contacting a program officer, more formalized mock review panel of experts to provide feedback on a penultimate draft, a summer grant writing program, or scientific methods consultations. We’re happy to support your science! Just ask!

ARPA-H Hits the Ground Running with Sprint for Women’s Health (Proposers day on 3/6/24, Funding opportunities to be announced) February 28th, 2024
Eisenberg Quoted in the New Scientist About a New Study on the Origins of ADHD February 28th, 2024
CSDE Research

CSDE Affiliate and Science Core PI Dan Eisenberg (Anthropology) was quoted in an article by Chen Ly in the New Scientist, commenting on a new study that suggests ADHD evolved in hunter-gatherer societies to improve humans’ foraging ability. Eisenberg says “determining exactly how behaviours associated with ADHD may have been adaptive within past environments is difficult, and these results are compelling in that they demonstrate measurable differences in the foraging strategies employed by individuals with and without ADHD”.