Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Courses in Population Studies

The population studies curriculum is comprised of a comprehensive program of courses that integrates a variety of disciplines and core demography, a professional development seminar series, and a weekly research seminar. All Graduate students across the UW campus are welcome to enroll in any classes in the curriculum.

Students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods are required to complete a specific set of courses in the curriculum for a total of 20 credits (or more if the electives chosen are more than 3 credits). Specifically, Graduate Certificate students must take:

  • 3 quarters of the CSDE 501 Seminar series
  • The CSDE 502 Proseminar series (3, 1-2 credit courses, graded CR/NC)
  • The two core Demography courses (CSDE 503 and CSDE 513)
  • And two electives, including one course not in the student’s home department.

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Seminar Series

(CSDE 501)

CSDE hosts a weekly seminar series on cutting-edge population research, with presenters from numerous disciplines and departments at UW and across the world.



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Core Demography Courses

(CSDE 503 and CSDE 513)

CSDE offers core courses in Demography and Ecology and in Demographic Research Methods to provide students with a strong foundation in the subject matter and methods of demographic research.


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Proseminar Series

(CSDE 502)

CSDE offers a Proseminar Series of courses that provides students with practical, foundational professional and population research skills.




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Elective Courses

Find out more about demography-related elective courses that are offered across the university and that can help fill trainees’ elective requirements.




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