Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

We’re glad you’re interested in becoming a CSDE Affiliate! With research and training infrastructure backed by funding from the UW’s College of Arts & Sciences, Provost, School of Public Health, School of Social Work, School of Nursing, and the National Institute of Child and Human Development, CSDE is a distinguished choice for advancing your population science research programs.

Why apply?

Affiliate status comes with plenty of valuable perks. Here are just a few of the benefits CSDE Research Affiliates enjoy:

Technical Consultation and Assistance

  • 20 hours/year of free research consultations
  • Expertise in biodemography, spatial demography, statistics, and more

Computing and Data Resources

  • Secure computing environment and tools
  • High-performance computing cluster access

Membership in a Scientific Community

  • Interdisciplinary group of 100+ Faculty Affiliates
  • Exposure to demographic experts from around the world

Help from Pre-Proposal to Post-Award

  • Guidance on grant writing and submission
  • Aid with post-award management

Training Program and Workshop Support

  • Funded training programs and workshops in demography
  • Collaboration with graduate students

Information and Research Translation

  • Disseminate work to 3,000+ subscribers
  • Get proposals and manuscripts reviewed by staff

Application Process


UW faculty, lecturers, and research scientists on any campus may apply for Affiliate status. This allows access to the full suite of resources offered by CSDE. Send Scott Kelly the following:

  1. Application statement
  2. NIH biosketch
  3. Letters of support from two current CSDE Affiliates

The statement and support letters should address your interest in CSDE and qualifications for Affiliate status. Affiliates are expected to have an active program of scholarly research (peer-reviewed publications, externally funded research grants) in the field of population studies (interpreted broadly; examples include research appropriate for demography journals and presentation to the Population Association of America).

Applications are taken on a continuous basis, and reviewed by the Executive Committee which meets quarterly during the academic year. The Executive Committee will next meets on a quarterly basis.

Regional Affiliates

Faculty from any other regional colleges and universities, as well as applied demographers working in regionally-based public or private sector organizations can gain access to the computing resources offered by CSDE by applying for Regional Affiliate status. Submit a letter of interest and a CV/biosketch to Scott Kelly.

Visiting Scholars

UW Visiting Scholars can also apply to become a CSDE Visiting Affiliate. Submit a letter of interest and an NIH biosketch or CV to Scott Kelly.


As research partners, Affiliates are expected to support CSDE.

Research Affiliates should

  • Remain active population scientists (seek extramural grants, publish research in peer-reviewed journals, etc.)
  • Be willing to mentor pre-doctoral or postdoctoral trainees
  • Timely respond to CSDE staff during reporting periods (annual progress reports, submission of publications into PubMed Central Database, competing renewals for T32 or infrastructure grants, and other center-based grant initiatives)
  • Acknowledge CSDE support on publications, conference papers, and posters that used core services in any way or included work with a CSDE Trainee

Research Affiliates are encouraged to

  • Share their research (e.g., present at a CSDE Seminar) and its impact
  • Regularly attend CSDE events
  • Propose events and invite outside expert population scientists to UW
  • Develop and teach a population science course in their field
  • Collaborate on population science projects with CSDE staff and Affiliates
  • Contribute ideas and research to CSDE’s five primary research areas
  • Consider running their grant through CSDE
  • Identify other population science scholars who might benefit from CSDE affiliation
  • Serve on one of our governing committees or serve as a chair of a PRA

Near the end of each five-year funding cycle (currently June 2017), Affiliates can reapply for continued status by submitting the research and funding materials required for the center grant proposal.