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Each week, the CSDE Seminar Series brings top demographers from around the world to a classroom near you. These events boast free admission and a variety of formats–check out the sidebar to learn more about each! For more information or to learn how you can get involved with the Seminar Series, please feel free to contact the Seminar Coordinator Rachel Heath.

The Next CSDE Seminar

There is no CSDE Seminar this week. Please see below for the full schedule of upcoming seminars.

Spring 2018 Seminar Schedule

Date Title Speaker(s)
03/30/2018 Not Quite a Pill Mill: Effects of PDMPs on Over-prescribing Providers

Jevay Grooms, Department of Pharmacy, University of Washington

04/06/2018 EITC Expansion, Earnings Growth, and Inequality: Evidence from Washington DC

Bradley Hardy, Department of Public Administration and Policy, American University

04/13/2018 Panel on Youth Violence

Callie Burt, Department of Sociology, UW

Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, Department of Epidemiology, UW

Richard Catalano, Jr, School of Social Work, UW

organized by: Ann Bostrom

04/20/2018 PAA Trainee Presentations

Rebecca Rebbe, Social Work, UW

Lee Fiorio, Geography, UW

Connor Gilroy, Sociology, UW

05/04/2018 Probabilistic Method for Combining Internal Migration Data

Guy Abel, Asian Demographic Research Institute and the Vienna Institute of Demography

An Earl and Edna Stice Memorial Lecture

05/11/2018 Population Health Panel

Anjum Hajat, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology, UW

Jessica Jones-Smith, Associate Professor, Nutrition, Health Services, Epidemiology, UW

Jennifer Otten, Assistant Professor, Nutrition, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Health Services, UW

James Buszkiewicz, doctoral student, Epidemiology, UW

Organized by: David Grembowski


05/18/2018 Chronic Diseases of Aging in an Evolutionary Context

Ben Trumble, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Center for Evolution and Medicine, at Arizona State University

05/25/2018 The Effect of Air Pollution on Migration: Evidence from China

Paulina Oliva, Department of Economics, UC Irvine

06/01/2018 End of Year Reception

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