Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Each week, the CSDE Seminar Series brings top demographers from around the world to a classroom near you. These events boast free admission and a variety of formats–check out the sidebar to learn more about each! For more information or to learn how you can get involved with the Seminar Series, please feel free to contact the Seminar Coordinator Rachel Heath.

The Next CSDE Seminar

There is no CSDE Seminar this week. Please see below for upcoming seminar.

Autumn 2017 Seminar Schedule

Date Title Speaker(s)
09/29/2017 Opening Reception

CSDE Community

10/06/2017 Symposium in Honor of Stewart Tolnay

Pete Guest, Steve Ruggles, Robert Adelman, Katherine Curtis, David Jacobs, Amy Bailey, and Ryan Gabriel

10/13/2017 Neither Here nor There? How the New Geography of Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship Disadvantages African Americans

Mahesh Somashekhar, Department of Sociology, UW

10/20/2017 Moving to Despair? Migration and Well-Being in Pakistan

Valerie Mueller, School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University

10/27/2017 Unequal Mortality at Older Ages: Early Results from a New, Big Data Set

Josh Goldstein, Department of Demography, UC Berkeley

11/03/2017 Childhood Neighborhood Disadvantage and Adult Social and Economic Well-Being: Evidence from Sibling and Cousin Fixed Effects Ssing the NLSY

Steven Alvarado, Department of Sociology, Cornell University

11/17/2017 Fertility Decline in Africa: Are the Determinants Different?

John Casterline, Department of Sociology, Ohio State University

12/01/2017 Demography Student Poster Session & Lightning Talks

CSDE Graduate Students

12/08/2017 Health Care as a Right of Citizenship: The Continuing Evolution of Reform

Gunnar Almgren, School of Social Work, UW
Paul Burstein, Department of Sociology, UW