Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Academic Year


Date Title Speaker(s)
06/01/2018 End of Year Reception

CSDE Community

05/25/2018 The Effect of Air Pollution on Migration: Evidence from China

Paulina Oliva, Department of Economics, UC Irvine

05/18/2018 Chronic Diseases of Aging in an Evolutionary Context

Ben Trumble, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Center for Evolution and Medicine, at Arizona State University

05/11/2018 Population Health Panel

Anjum Hajat, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology, UW

Jessica Jones-Smith, Associate Professor, Nutrition, Health Services, Epidemiology, UW

Jennifer Otten, Assistant Professor, Nutrition, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Health Services, UW

James Buszkiewicz, doctoral student, Epidemiology, UW

Organized by: David Grembowski


05/04/2018 Probabilistic Method for Combining Internal Migration Data

Guy Abel, Asian Demographic Research Institute and the Vienna Institute of Demography

An Earl and Edna Stice Memorial Lecture

04/20/2018 PAA Trainee Presentations

Rebecca Rebbe, Social Work, UW

Lee Fiorio, Geography, UW

Connor Gilroy, Sociology, UW

04/13/2018 Panel on Youth Violence

Callie Burt, Department of Sociology, UW

Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, Department of Epidemiology, UW

Richard Catalano, Jr, School of Social Work, UW

organized by: Ann Bostrom

04/06/2018 EITC Expansion, Earnings Growth, and Inequality: Evidence from Washington DC

Bradley Hardy, Department of Public Administration and Policy, American University

03/30/2018 Not Quite a Pill Mill: Effects of PDMPs on Over-prescribing Providers

Jevay Grooms, Department of Pharmacy, University of Washington

03/09/2018 CSDE Lightning Talks & Poster Session

Francisca Gomez Baeza, Sociology
Roy Burstein, Global Health
Iffat Chowdhury, Economics
Nikki Eller, Health Services
Peiran Liu, Statistics


03/02/2018 Climate Change Panel

Leigh Anderson, Professor and Associate Dean for Innovation, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, UW

Kyle Armour, Assistant Professor, School of Oceanography and Department of Atmospheric Sciences, UW

Ben Fitzhugh, Professor of Anthropology and Director of Quaternary Research Center, UW

Nathalie Williams, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Jackson School of International Studies, UW

Organized by: Ann Bostrom, Professor, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, UW

02/23/2018 Population causal inference: old wine in a new bottle?

Gary Chan, Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Health Services, UW

02/16/2018 Expanding Participation in Municipal Campaigns: Evaluating the Impact of Seattle's Democracy Voucher Program

Brian McCabe, Associate Professor of Sociology, Georgetown University

02/09/2018 Risk markers for intent-specific firearm injury in arrest and medical records: A Seattle case-control study

Brianna Mills, Research Scientist, Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center

02/02/2018 The Uptick in Income Segregation: Real Trend or Random Sampling Variation?

Andrew Foster, Department of Economics, Brown University

01/26/2018 Researching Housing and Homelessness Dynamics Using Administrative Data

Chriss Hess, Erin Carll, and Kyle Crowder, Sociology, UW

Ariel Rokem, Bryna Hazelton, and Tim Thomas, eScience Institute, UW

01/19/2018 The Challenge of Household Air Pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa: Pathways to Scaling-up Clean(er) Cooking

Pamela Jagger, Department of Public Policy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

01/12/2018 From Housing Research to Housing Policy

Gregg Colburn and Rebecca J. Walter, College of Built Environments, UW

Rachel Fyall, Evans School, UW

Anaid Yerena, Urban Studies, UW-Tacoma

Moderated by Lynne Manzo, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, UW

01/05/2018 Northwest Federal Statistical Research Data Center Panel

Ben Cerf, Administrator, NWFSRDC

Mark Ellis, Geography, UW & Director, NWFSRDC

Christine Leibbrand, Sociology, UW

12/08/2017 Health Care as a Right of Citizenship: The Continuing Evolution of Reform

Gunnar Almgren, School of Social Work, UW
Paul Burstein, Department of Sociology, UW

12/01/2017 Demography Student Poster Session & Lightning Talks

Erin Carll, Sociology
Youngjun Choi, Social Work
Lee Fiorio, Geography
Connor Gilroy, Sociology
Chris Hess, Sociology
Yuan Hsiao, Sociology
Yicheng Li, Statistics
Neal Marquez, Sociology

11/17/2017 Fertility Decline in Africa: Are the Determinants Different?

John Casterline, Department of Sociology, Ohio State University

11/03/2017 Childhood Neighborhood Disadvantage and Adult Social and Economic Well-Being: Evidence from Sibling and Cousin Fixed Effects Ssing the NLSY

Steven Alvarado, Department of Sociology, Cornell University

10/27/2017 Unequal Mortality at Older Ages: Early Results from a New, Big Data Set

Josh Goldstein, Department of Demography, UC Berkeley

10/20/2017 Moving to Despair? Migration and Well-Being in Pakistan

Valerie Mueller, School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University

10/13/2017 Neither Here nor There? How the New Geography of Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship Disadvantages African Americans

Mahesh Somashekhar, Department of Sociology, UW

10/06/2017 Symposium in Honor of Stewart Tolnay

Pete Guest, Steve Ruggles, Robert Adelman, Katherine Curtis, David Jacobs, Amy Bailey, and Ryan Gabriel

09/29/2017 Opening Reception

CSDE Community

06/02/2017 End of Year Reception

CSDE Community

05/26/2017 From Payday Loans to Pawn Shops: Predatory Lending, the Unbanked, and Poor Health

Anjum Hajat, Department of Epidemiology, University of Washington

05/19/2017 Bacon Versus Brocoli: A Nuanced Look at the Contradictory Research on the Health Effects of Omniverious Versus Plant-Based Diets

Hilary Bethancourt, Department of Anthropology, University of Washington

05/12/2017 Welfare Rules, Incentives, and Family Structure

Robert Moffitt, Department of Economics, Johns Hopkins University

05/05/2017 Population Dynamics, Poverty, and Policy

Robert Plotnick, Scott Allard, and Marieka Klawitter, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, UW

Jennifer Romich, School of Social Work, UW

04/21/2017 PAA Practice Session

Christine Leibbrand, Stastistics, UW

Lee Fiorio, Geography, UW

Jessica Godwin, Statistics, UW

04/14/2017 The Amish in the 21st Century

Elizabeth Cooksey, Department of Sociology, Ohio State University

04/07/2017 Trends in Voting in South Africa from 2003-2014

Barbara A. Anderson, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan

03/31/2017 Discerning Risk: How Cardiometabolic Macro-trends Make Well-being Invisible in Samoa

Jessica Hardin, Anthropology, Pacific University

03/10/2017 Demography Student Poster Session & Lightning Talks

Tiffany Pan, Anthropology

Jagori Saha, Economics

Lee Fiorio, Geography

Jessica Godwin, Statistics

Charles Lanfear, Sociology

03/03/2017 When Sex and Gender Collide: The TransYouth Project

Kristina Olson, Department of Psychology, University of Washington

02/21/2017 Income Inequality and Health

Ichiro Kawachi, School of Public Health, Harvard University

02/17/2017 Lifespan and Healthspan: Past, Present, Promise

Eileen Crimmins, Davis School of Gerontology, University of Southern California

02/10/2017 What Can Biological Data Contribute to Population Research?

Dan Eisenberg, Department of Anthropology, University of Washington

Lisa Jones-Engel, Department of Anthropology, University of Washington

Callie Burt, Department of Sociology, University of Washington

02/03/2017 Do Recent Declines in U.S. Life Expectancy Signal Bad News for Healthy Life Expectancy?

Mark Hayward, Department of Sociology, University of Texas

01/27/2017 Research Funding and Subsequent Outcomes of Underrepresented Doctoral Students in STEM Fields

Benjamin Cerf, NWFSRDC, US Census

01/20/2017 Coupling Minimum Wage Hikes with Public Investments to Make Work Pay and Reduce Poverty

Heather Hill, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Washington

01/13/2017 Falling Behind: The Black-White Wealth Gap in Life Course Perspective

Alexandra (Sasha) Killewald, Department of Sociology, Harvard University

01/06/2017 From High School to College: Gender Immigrant Generation, and Race-Ethnicity

Charles Hirschman, Department of Sociology, University of Washington

Mark Long, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Washington

12/02/2016 Demography Student Poster Session & Lightning Talks
11/18/2016 How Does Big Data Contribute to Improved Demographic Knowledge?

Patrick Gerland, Chief of Mortality Section, Population Division, United Nations

Thomas LeGrand, Department of Demography, University of Montreal

Adrian Raftery, Department of Sociology & Department of Statistics, University of Washington

Emilio Zagheni, Department of Sociology & eSciences Institute, University of Washington

11/04/2016 Rooted or Stuck? The Causes and Consequences of American Mobility Decline

Brad Foster, Department of Sociology, University of Washington

10/28/2016 Race, Class, and Affirmative Action

Sigal Alon, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Tel Aviv University

10/21/2016 "They expect more from you" - Working-Class Transitions to Adulthood

Amy Bailey, Department of Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago

10/14/2016 Healthy, wealthy, and wise? Exploring optimism bias in parent predictions about a child's future health and socioeconomic expectations.

Davene Wright, Department of Pediatrics, UW

10/07/2016 Welcome Reception