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CSDE Seminar Series

Population Research Discovery Seminars

Is War Hard on the Heart? Gender, Wartime Stress and Late Life Cardiovascular Conditions in a Population of Vietnamese Older Adults

Kim Korinek, University of Utah Department of Sociology and Asian Studies Program

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12:30-1:30 PM PT

During this seminar, Kim Korinek will present on the associations between exposure to war and trauma and cardiovascular health conditions among Vietnamese older adults. In her research, Korinek has sought to better understand the association between early life exposure to war and trauma and older adult health status in developing settings. She has previously analyzed data of Vietnamese men and women in 1 northern Vietnam commune who entered early adulthood during the Vietnam War and who are now entering late adulthood. From this research on war, trauma, and lasting health conditions, Korinek has found that military service and war trauma are important determinants of older adult health beyond the US context, given the widespread waging of war and concentration of recent armed conflicts within developing societies.

Kim Korinek’s research examines the mutually transformative effects of social demographic changes, like population aging and population mobility, and individual and family level experiences of receipt of support, living arrangements, socioeconomic mobility, health care utilization, and other outcomes related to wellbeing.