Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Demographic Training Resources

CSDE offers students, staff, and faculty numerous resources to develop and hone their skills in population research and to receive consulting and support for their population research projects.


CSDE offers and sponsors a number of courses on population research and professional development. Find out more about course offerings here.


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Population Dynamics Lab

CSDE hosts this open science forum aiming is to provide tools and evidence for understanding the distribution and change in human wellbeing at the population level.  The lab welcomes submissions addressing all areas of demography.


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CSDE offers a wide variety of workshops to students, faculty, and staff to help develop your statistical analysis and software skills.



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PAA Practice Talks

Trainees have the opportunity to practice their PAA conference presentations prior to attending PAA. Learn more about this opportunity here!



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CSDE Research Scientists can provide one-on-one consulting on your research projects and grant applications to help discuss and refine your methods and analyses.


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