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UW Data Collaborative

The UW Data Collaborative (UWDC) is a virtual, ‘cold storage’ data room that provides the infrastructure to harness innovative, but hard-to-access and highly sensitive data for the development of novel, high-quality research and evidence-driven policy making. Central to the UWDC is a state-of-the art computing cluster that provides access to sensitive and/or restricted data in a secure and computationally sophisticated environment. The UWDC is available to UW faculty and is a one-of-a-kind facility for accessing secure data at the UW.

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Through the UWDC:

  • Researchers may be able to access valuable data already provided by other researchers.
  • Researchers can securely deposit their data for sharing with others.
  • Researchers can securely integrate their data with other data sources to extend the value of those data.
  • Researchers can apply a full array of software to analyze sensitive or restricted data for scientific insights.

Available Data

Access to all data require complying with data use agreement terms and sometimes requires approval of a principal investigator. See Our Data for details.

  • ADD Health Data
  • Chitwan Valley Family Study Data
  • CMS Medicare & Medicaid Services & Beneficiaries Data
  • Data Axle – Info Group – Historical Business and Consumer Data
  • Eurostat Microdata
  • Fragile Families
  • Gallup Microlevel Polling Data
  • IBM Watson Market Scan Data
  • Scraped Online Rental Listings
  • Seer Medicare Linked Data
  • Washington Merged Longitudinal Administrative Database
  • Zillow Assessor and Real Estate Data


The UW Data Collaborative (UWDC) offers a range of services to help facilitate access to innovative, but highly-restricted data, as well depositing highly-restricted data with the intent of sharing those data with others.

  • Assist in the development and execution of data-sharing agreements and data security plans.
  • Provide highly-secure storage and access to restricted data that allows researchers to efficiently use and analyze data without jeopardizing confidentiality.
  • Develop strategies and tools to resolve data gaps and challenges, including techniques for de-duplication, imputation of missing cases, geographic information systems, record linkage and merging.
  • Offer consulting for research design and analytic strategies that leverages the statistical, demographic, and econometric expertise of CSDE.
  • Foster communities of data users to promote collaboration across campus and scholarly communities

Visit the UWDC