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Working Groups

Over the last two years CSDE has sponsored and supported several working groups comprised of faculty and advanced graduate students from across campus.  These working groups provide opportunities for smaller groups of scholars to share their research in progress, garner thoughtful and detailed feedback on papers or grants, brainstorm new projects, and discuss the latest published research related to their working group.

Working Groups


Aging Across Life Course Working Group

Aging Across UW is a CSDE-affiliated group committed to bringing together students, staff, and faculty interested in aging from across disciplines from the humanities to the sciences. The group hosts quarterly coffee socials to facilitate cross-disciplinary networking and collaboration among UW students, staff, and faculty.

Point of Contact: Callie Freitag


Biomarker Working Group

The purpose of this Working Group is to provide a forum for discussions of practical and theoretical issues associated with collecting and using biomarker data in social and behavioral science research. Those who would like to receive regular meeting announcements by email may subscribe to the mailing list here

Point of Contact: Tiffany Pan

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Computational Demography Working Group

The Computational Demography Working Group (CDWG) at the University of Washington meets weekly to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussions of digital and computational approaches to demographic research. The workshop features a range of paper presentations, methods demonstrations, software tutorials and professional development. The CDWG is sponsored by the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE), the eScience Institute and OBSSR T32 Grant #1T32HD101442-01. We welcome anyone with interest in computational demography (broadly defined).

Point of Contact: Zack Almquist

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Early Career Women Faculty of Color Working Group

This working group aims to support early career women faculty of color by enabling connections, sharing resources for career navigation, and promoting collaborations for research and scholarship. The group seeks to build community and foster a mutual and energizing space to discuss unique issues related to academia for women of color who are early in their careers.





Point of Contact: Jane Lee


Employment and Population Health Working Group

This is a multidisciplinary group of researchers exploring how the conditions of employment interact with other social conditions to support, or reduce, health in populations. This groups uses a multidisciplinary perspective to understand the intersection of employment and health. This group seeks to identify mutual interests and collaborative research ideas which may develop into multidisciplinary projects.

Point of Contact: Heather Hill


Migration and Spatial Mobilities Working Group

This is a multidisciplinary group for UW scholars interested in the study of migrations or spatial mobilities in which we present “work in progress” that would benefit from feedback and suggestions from the members of the working group. The goal is to get together every two weeks during the quarter.



Point of Contact: María Vignau Loría


Monetary Sanctions Working Group

This research group examines the system of monetary sanctions (court imposed fines, fees, restitution), its reach within and outside of the criminal legal system, the processes of sentencing and collecting, and consequences for individuals, their families, and communities. Our group uses a multi-method approach combining interview data, court observational data, and automated data from courts and other state agencies to examine the reach of this system and connection with the maintenance of racial and economic inequality in the United States.  Our group works closely with policy makers, practitioners, and those impacted by the criminal legal system – both in the translation of our research, but also in the design of less harmful policy and practices.

Point of Contact: Alexes Harris


The Network Modeling Working Group

We are a long-standing group of faculty members, research scientists, post-docs and graduate students who work together on a group of inter-related funded projects. These pertain to: (1) statistical modeling of social networks; (2) the application of those models in a range of domains, especially HIV/STI epidemiology; and (3) the development of software to fulfill each of these goals.  We meet weekly, and membership is by invitation.

Point of Contact: Steve Goodreau