Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

The Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods  Program is the academic pathway to advanced population research at UW. The population studies curriculum is comprised of a comprehensive program of courses that integrates a variety of disciplines and core demography, a professional development seminar series, a weekly research seminar, and opportunities for research collaboration with CSDE Faculty Affiliates, often following an apprenticeship training model.


The Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods Program is designed to enhance education beyond the requirements of a graduate degree. It provides a coherent body of study in demography, enhanced mentored research experiences, and the following benefits:

  • Access to CSDE’s significant research support services (computing, research consultations, workshops, lab equipment, and more)
  • Assistance in matching students with CSDE Faculty Affiliate mentors and potential research collaborators
  • Training, research experience, and curriculum to prepare trainees for meeting the evaluative criteria of the CSDE Fellowship application, including the courses that Fellows are required to complete during the fellowship.
  • Financial support (when available) for travel to present research at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America

The Certificate Program can be completed in 2 years while concurrently pursuing a graduate degree in any department. Completed graduate certificates, like degrees, are recorded on the UW transcript. Recipients of the certificate will be acknowledged at CSDE’s end of year reception and presented with a framed certificate.

Components of the Program

  1. Research mentoring
  2. Curriculum
    1. A required course on the substance of demography
    2. A required course on the methods of demography
    3. Two electives selected from a broad array of courses in multiple disciplines
    4. CSDE’s weekly Population Studies Seminar Series
    5. Professional development in the field through mentoring and a three quarter Population Studies Proseminar Series

Required Courses and Electives 

Policies & Procedures

The Certificate Program adheres to specific policies and procedures established by the Graduate School, NIH and CSDE. Read about these policies and procedures, which includes mandatory reporting and annual evaluations. Click on the link below to plan your coursework in accordance with the Graduate School’s restrictions on the number of credits that can be counted as an official elective toward both your degree and a graduate certificate.  Learn the procedures for requesting the certificate when you complete the requirements. Trainee are expected to know and consider the program’s policies and procedures when planning coursework and research activities.

Review Policies & Procedures

Applying to the Certificate Program

The call for applications will usually be made each Spring Quarter. Watch for email announcements from graduate program administrators, CSDE Affiliates, and the CSDE newsletter! If you plan to apply, register for both the Fall Quarter Population Proseminar (CSDE 502) if you have not yet completed it, and the CSDE weekly seminar (CSDE 501), unless you have completed the required number of quarters.

Recent Call For Applications