Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

The CSDE Statistics Core offers statistical and data management consulting to faculty, staff, and students studying demography and other social sciences.

We can facilitate demographic research by assisting CSDE affiliates throughout the research process:

  • Developing data collection strategies
  • Data collection, cleaning, and reformatting
  • Statistical analysis
  • Manuscript preparation

To make a statistical consulting appointment, contact Christine Leibbrand.

For consultation with data management, contact Phil Hurvitz.

What We Offer

CSDE can provide data analysis, as time permits, for short-term projects of CSDE faculty affiliates. In addition, we can supervise graduate students or research staff doing data analysis. Staff are also available to have some of their time “bought out” to do longer-term data analysis on grant-funded projects.

Detailed listings of our services are below.

Here is a sample of some of the statistical services CSDE offers:


  • Study design and planning
  • Choice and application of appropriate statistical methods
  • Interpretation and presentation of statistical results
  • Assistance with statistical software
  • Development of specialized statistical methods

CSDE also provides the following data-management services:

  • Setup of data sets
  • Documentation and version-tracking
  • Data cleaning
  • Extraction of variables from larger data sets

CSDE can provide comprehensive grant-proposal support. For statistical grants, we can help with research conceptualization and design, perform preliminary and power analyses, and assist in writing the data-analysis section.

If you receive assistance from CSDE, we would appreciate you noting our partial support in the budget in order to help with the data management, data analysis, and/or statistical analyses of the research project.

For more information visit Grants and other services.

CSDE can assist you in creating visual displays of your data for both exploratory and presentation purposes. We can create a publication-quality graphic to your detailed specifications, and we can help you design one from the concept stage as well.

We would also like to acknowledge Chris Adolph’s excellent CSSS class, Visualizing Data, and recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.

Figure courtesy of William Lavely from his paper "Sex, Breastfeeding, and Marital Fertility in Pretransition China" in Population and Development Review.

Figure courtesy of William Lavely from his paper “Sex, Breastfeeding, and Marital Fertility in Pretransition China” in Population and Development Review.

Figure by David M. Schruth

Figure by David M. Schruth

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