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CSDE Seminar Series

Next Population Science Insights

Demography Student Poster Session & Lightning Talks

Tiffany Pan, Anthropology

Jagori Saha, Economics

Lee Fiorio, Geography

Jessica Godwin, Statistics

Charles Lanfear, Sociology

12:30-1:30 PM PT

Come meet CSDE’s graduate students and learn about their cutting-edge research and latest demographic insights.  The newest members of UW’s population science community are eager to connect their work across disciplines and to translate their findings for basic and applied research impact.

Tiffany Pan – Anthropology
Does being breastfed in infancy influence women’s risk of preeclampsia?

Jagori Saha – Economics
Banking and Marriage Markets: Evidence from India’s Branch Licensing Policy

Lee Fiorio – Geography
Using Twitter Data to Estimate the Relationships between Short-term Mobility and Long-term Migration

Jessica Godwin – Statistics
Space-Time Estimation of Under-five Mortality Rates

Charles Lanfear – Sociology
Life-course Transitions