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CSDE Seminar Series

Next Population Science Insights

CSDE Winter 2020 Trainees' Lightning Talks and Poster Session (Now Virtual via Zoom)

Emily Pollock (Session Organizer), Anthropology
William Atienza, Sociology
Jessica Godwin, Statistics
Beatrix Haddock, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Applied Math
Ian Kennedy, Sociology
Neal Marquez, Sociology
Yohan Min, College of Built Environments
Nathan Welch, Statistics

12:30-1:30 PM PT

NOTE: This session is now virtual via Zoom. Please register using this link (and use this link to join the meeting).

You will receive a link to join the session once you register. You will also be able to vote during the session using this link!

Come meet CSDE’s trainees when they present their Lightning Talks and Posters. These trainees are eager to connect their work across disciplines, and latest demographic trends with you.

Below, you will find links to each poster. We recommend that you open up two, separate browser pages – 1st browser for this page and 2nd browser for the Zoom page so that you are able to simultaneously view the poster and the zoom presentation at the same time. Once we’re done with the presentations, you will have a chance to vote on the best poster.  To complete the survey and cast your vote, please click here.

Emily Pollock, Doctoral Candidate, Anthropology
Session Organizer

The titles below have links to the posters. Click on the poster titles below to view the posters in a new window.

William Atienza, MA Student, Sociology
Undocumented Migration and Residential Segregation of Undocumented Mexicans in Sanctuary Cities

Jessica Godwin, Doctoral Candidate, Statistics
Subnational Estimation of Child Mortality at Older Ages in a Low and Middle Income Countries Context

Beatrix Haddock, Researcher and MA Student, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Applied Math
Differential Privacy in the 2020 Census: Considering Acceptable and Unacceptable Biases

Ian Kennedy, Doctoral Student, Sociology
Metro Area and Tract-Level Influences on Online Rental Listings from Two Platforms

Neal Marquez, Doctoral Student, Sociology
Harmonizing Disparate Spatial Resolution Surveys for Estimating U5M in VR Strained Countries

Yohan Min, Doctoral Student, College of Built Environments
Social Equity of Clean Energy Policies and Technologies in Residential Electric-Vehicle Charging

Nathan Welch, Doctoral Student, Statistics
Probabilistic Migration Flow Forecasts for All Pairs of Countries