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CSDE Seminar Series

Population Research Discovery Seminars

Researching Housing and Homelessness Dynamics Using Administrative Data

Chriss Hess, Erin Carll, and Kyle Crowder, Sociology, UW

Ariel Rokem, Bryna Hazelton, and Tim Thomas, eScience Institute, UW

12:30-1:30 PM PT


eScience Institute

CSDE trainees Chris Hess and Erin Carll, and CSDE affiliate Kyle Crowder, will provide a short presentation on their collaborative work utilizing administrative data from the Seattle Housing Authority and King County Housing Authority to examine patterns of mobility among housing-voucher recipients. This will be followed by a presentation by eScience researchers, Ariel Rokem, Bryna Hazelton, and Tim Thomas, who have linked multiple administrative data sources to understand patterns of entries into, and exits out of, homelessness. These projects share important sources of administrative data and have benefited from collaboration on the establishment of data sharing agreements and other logistical components, providing solid examples of the kinds of work that can be facilitated by CSDE’s nascent UW Data Collaborative.