Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Twice per year, near the end of the autumn and winter quarters, CSDE’s Graduate Students present their cutting-edge research and latest demographic insights as Posters & Lightning Talks at our seminar series. The newest members of UW’s population science community are eager to connect their work across disciplines and to translate their findings for basic and applied research impact.


Kathy JungPhD Student, Economics

Spatial Search Friction and Allocative Efficiency in the Free-floating Carsharing Industry


Nicole KovskiPhD Student, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

A National Investigation of State Earned Income Tax Cred its and Rates of Child Maltreatment Reports, 2004-2016


Hannah Lee – PhD Student, Sociology

Understanding Neighborhood Patterns across Asian Ethnic Groups and Immigrant Destinations

Claire Rothschild

Claire RothschildPhD Candidate, Epidemiology (BEST POSTER AWARD)

Utility of Remotely Enrolling Women into a Mobile Messaging Platform for Contraceptive Research in Kenya


Esteban ValenciaMPH Student, Epidemiology

Informal Caregiving during Young Adulthood and Its Impact on Behavioral Health


Hunter YorkMPH Student, Global Health

Within-Cohort and Between-Cohort Educational Inequality and Wealth Inequality at Varying Levels of Spatial Granularity as Predictors of Contraceptive Use in 37 Low- and Middle- Income Countries


Erin Carll – Sociology

How Discourse about Tenant Eligibility in Seattle Rental Listings Has Evolved with Tenant Screening Regulations


Xinguang Fan – Sociology

Intimate Partner Violence and Contraceptive Use in Developing Countries: How does the Relationship Depend on Context?


Lee Fiorio – Geography (BEST POSTER AWARD)

Measuring U.S. Interstate Mobility Using State of Birth Stocks: 1850 to 2010


Emily Pollock – Anthropology

Relationship Duration and Hazard of Dissolution Among 15-29-year-olds in the National Survey of Family Growth


Hilary Wething – Public Policy

The Effect of Seattle’s Paid Sick and Safe Time Ordinance on Workers’ Earnings Trajectories


Benjamin Jones and Nicole Chartier – Linguistics

Six Views of New England: Mapping Perceptions of New England Speech


Neal Marquez – Sociology (BEST POSTER AWARD)

Segregation and Sentiment: Estimating Refugee Segregation and Its Effects Using Digital Trace Data


Charles C Lanfear – Sociology

Family Dynamics, Birth Timing, and Child Temperament: A Dynamic Sibling Model Approach


Daphne Liu – Statistics

Assessing the Impact of Potential Policies on Fertility in High-Fertility Countries Using Granger Causality and Bayesian Hierarchical Models


Adrien Allorant – Global Health

Who is Making the Grade? Statistical Methods for Detecting Unusual Performance in HIV Care and Treatment Programs Using EMR Data in a Low-Resource Setting


Roy Burstein – Global Health

A New Method for indirect Estimation of Age-Specific Child Mortality Trends Using Summary Birth Histories


Iffat Chowdhury – Economics

News Reports on Sexual Assault and Labor Hours: Evidence from Bangladesh


Nikki Eller – Health Services (BEST POSTER AWARD)

Trust, Epistemology, and Vaccines


Francisca Gómez Baeza – Sociology

Support for Extra-legal Punishment in Chile

Peiran Liu (cropped)_0

Peiran Liu – Statistics

Estimation and Projection of  Total Fertility Rates with Imperfect Data


Erin Carll – Sociology

Sociodemographic and Housing Market Predictors of Residential Disadvantage for Households with Children


Youngjun Choi – Social Work

Can Internet Use Buffer Older Adults’ Cognitive Decline? Findings from the Health and Retirement Study

Lee Fiorio – Geography

Regularities in Mobility Patterns at Different Time Scales

Connor Gilroy

Connor Gilroy – Sociology

Extending the Demography of Sexuality with Digital Trace Data


Chris Hess – Sociology  (BEST POSTER AWARD)

Black Hypersegregation, Neighborhood Compositions, and Zillow Housing Value Trajectories 2000-2016


Yuan Hsiao – Sociology

Gender Networks of Aggressive and Prosocial Behavior: The Role of Ecological Fallacy


Yicheng Li – Statistics

Accounting for Smoking in Probabilistic Projections of Life Expectancy


Neal Marquez – Sociology

Estimating Small Area Changes in Child Mortality Over Time in Mexico

tiffany pan

Tiffany Pan – Anthropology

Does being breastfed in infancy influence women’s risk of preeclampsia?


Jagori Saha – Economics

Banking and Marriage Markets: Evidence from India’s Branch Licensing Policy

Lee Fiorio – Geography

Using Twitter Data to Estimate the Relationships between Short-term Mobility and Long-term Migration

Jessica Godwin

Jessica Godwin – Statistics

Space-Time Estimation of Under-five Mortality Rates


Charles Lanfear – Sociology  (BEST POSTER AWARD)

Neighborhood Change & Formal Social Control: Enforcing Racial Social Control through Calls to the Police in Stable & Changing Neighborhood

Michelle O’Brien – Sociology (BEST POSTER AWARD)

Measuring Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Using Big Data Techniques


Michael Esposito – Sociology

Beholding Inequality: Race, Gender, Physical Attractiveness, and Socioeconomic Status in the United States