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CSDE Staff

June Yang

Computational Demographer

June Yang is a research scientist at the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology and the eScience Institute.

As a Computational Demographer, June focuses on applying Natural Language Processing methods to the study of population family formation processes, gender disparity, and demographic inference. She is expanding her skillset by using Large Language Models in text data annotation and measurement development. A second strain of her current research focuses on complex survey analysis, particularly using network-based samples to study vulnerable, hard-to-reach populations. June also has extensive experience working with administrative data sources.

June received her PhD in Sociology from UW with concentrations in Demographic Methods and Social Statistics. Before starting a PhD at the UW, she worked as a research analyst at the Development Data Group of the World Bank.


Methodologies: Natural Language Processing, Complex Survey Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Causal Inference

Language: R, Python, SQL