October 3, 2017

CSDE Seminar Series

Symposium in Honor of Stewart Tolnay

     When:  Friday, Oct 6, 2017 (1:00-4:00 PM)
     Where:  Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall

Please RSVP for the Symposium by emailing the Department of Sociology

Symposium Program:

1:00 Welcome

1:15 Tolnay’s Impact on Historical Demography

2:45 Tolnay’s Transformation of the Study of Lynching

4:00 Concluding Remarks

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CSDE Research & Highlights

Stephen Hawes Explores Association Between Neuropathologies and Cognitive Trajectories

Affiliate Stephen Hawes, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, and colleagues published an article in Neurology that examines whether cognitive decline in domains associated with Alzheimer-related changes in the nervous system are associated with other neuropathologies, including Lewy body disease or vascular brain injury. The authors find that study participants with Alzheimer disease neuropathic change plus Lewy body disease had poorer cognitive trajectories—particularly relating to attention and executive function—than those with Alzheimer disease neuropathic change plus vascular brain injury or other pathology groupings.

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Amy Hagopian on War as a Public Health Problem

In a recent article, affiliate Amy Hagopian, Associate Professor of Health Services and Global Health, explores the following question: “Why isn’t war properly framed and funded as a public health problem?” According to Hagopian, war is “mostly treated as ‘background noise,’” rather than a preventable public health problem. 

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Marieka Klawitter Addresses the Black-White Wage Gap

Affiliate Marieka Klawitter, Professor at the Evans School, discussed the wage gap between black and white Americans last week on Seattle’s NPR station, KUOW. The gap is vast; on average, black Americans earn just about half of what their white counterparts do. According to Klawitter, there are a number of reasons for this disparity in earnings, including barriers such as residential segregation, a history of wealth in the family, and the role race plays in the job market.

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Ann Bostrom Co-organizes Disaster Preparedness Workshop

Affiliate Ann Bostrom, Professor at the Evans School, along with members of the Washington State Emergency Management Division and Joint Centre of Disaster Research at Massey University, organized a Subduction Megaquake and Tsunami Preparedness Workshop that recently took place at UW. The workshop provided an overview of Cascadia Rising and Tangaroa disaster simulation exercises and findings from related reviews, and was attended by academics and researchers, members of local and Washington state governments, and visiting colleagues from New Zealand.

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