January 2, 2018

CSDE Seminar Series

Northwest Federal Statistical Research Data Center Panel

     When:  Friday, Jan 5, 2018 (12:30-1:30 PM)
     Where:  121 Raitt Hall

Are you a data geek? Have you wondered about gaining access to the UW’s secure data center and having the opportunity to analyze linked databases about health, demography, employment, income, residences, and environment and that include censuses of people, businesses, and households? If so, you’ll enjoy hearing Ben Cerf, Mark Ellis, and Christine Leibbrand speak about resources at the Northwest Federal Statistical Research Data Center, as well as some ongoing projects there. 

We are also pleased to announce our Winter 2018 Seminar Schedule, featuring an exciting lineup of speakers from a variety of disciplines and institutions! All are welcome to attend to these free, informative, and engaging events.

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CSDE Research & Highlights

India Ornelas Evaluates the Effectiveness of a Pilot Program to Increase Cancer Screening Among Female Refugees

Affiliate India Ornelas, Associate Professor of Health Services, co-authored a recent article based on the results of a pilot study that created and evaluated videos promoting screening for cervical cancer to women from two refugee groups: Karen-Burmese and Nepali-Bhutanese. Results indicate that after watching the videos, —which were tailored to the culture of each group—women were more likely be aware of tests for cervical cancer, had a greater intention to be tested, and had higher levels of knowledge about cervical cancer.

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Haidong Wang Examines the Global Burden of Tuberculosis

Affiliate Haidong Wang, Associate Professor of Global Health, co-authored a recent article that examines trends in the burden of both fatal and non-fatal tuberculosis within the past quarter century, using results from the Global Burden of Disease study. The authors’ assessment is based on vital registration data, verbal autopsy data, and mortality surveillance data, with which they estimated tuberculosis mortality rates using the Cause of Death Ensemble model. Their findings indicate that tuberculosis is still responsible for a substantial disease burden across the globe, —notwithstanding efforts to reduce this burden—and the authors therefore recommend prioritizing early detection of and improved quality of care for the disease.

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