July 24, 2018

CSDE Research & Highlights

Anjum Hajat, Crystal Hall, and Marieka Klawitter Awarded RRF to Explore Finance, Stress, and Health for Low Wage Workers

We’re excited to announce that CSDE Affiliates Anjum Hajat, Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Crystal Hill, Professor at the Evans School, and Marieka Klawitter, Professor at the Evans School, are the recipients of a Royalty Research Fund Award. Their pilot will explore the connections between family finances, stress, and health for low wage workers. The team plans to implement financial coaching in a low wage workplace to assess its feasibility, as well as the workers’ take-up and satisfaction with the intervention.

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Mark Long Answer’s KUOW’s Question: “How much of ‘the 1 percent’ lives in Seattle?”

It's universal knowledge that Seattle’s average household income has increased; however, one KUOW listener wanted to know just how many of those households fit into the nation’s top 1 percent income bracket. KUOW turned to CSDE Affiliate Mark Long, Associate Dean for Research at the Evans School, for the answer. He reported that in 2016, 1 percenters earned more than $470,000. 9,245 Seattle households fit this description in 2016 – three times the national average.

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How Long is the Working Life Expectancy of MLB Pitchers? David Swanson Estimates

Are decades-long careers the norm for Major League Baseball pitchers – or is the true timeline shorter? CSDE Research Affiliate David Swanson, Professor of Sociology at the University of California Riverside sought to find out. Swanson used cohort change ratios, which enabled him to forecast using the same data used in working life expectancy. Explains Swanson: “We wanted to look only at uninterrupted careers in the MLB, and it turns out that, on average, they’re really short.” The reality might come as a shock to MLB fans: the average professional working life of a baseball pitcher is just  3.99 years.

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William Zumeta Discusses State Support for Higher Education

CSDE Affiliate William Zumeta, Professor at the Evans School, researches the factors that shape state support for higher education. This summer, he presented on both the structural and political factors that impact financial support for higher education – and how they have changed over time. In June, Zumeta was the keynote speaker at “Volatility in State Spending for Higher Education,” where he explained the structural and political factors behind both the volatility and the long-term decline in state support for higher education He also recently co-authored a chapter in The State Higher Education Officer and the Public Good: Developing New Leadership for Improved Policy, Practice and Research.

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An Important Note About Using WiFi at UW

A quick reminder for all members of the CSDE community who use WiFi at UW: make sure to connect to the Eduroam network. As UW’s encrypted Wi-Fi network, Eduram offers enhanced security for your wireless connection. Be sure to configure your devices to access this service.

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Project SEARCH Completes its Inaugural Year at UW

Project SEARCH, a school-to-work internship program designed for students with autism, just wrapped up its pilot year at UW. Through this program, Alan Chen worked for CSDE during the Spring quarter as an intern. Reflecting on the experience to King5 News, CSDE Administrator John Kemner noted: “He’s just been fantastic [and] he’s pointed out a few things that we hadn’t thought of prior to setting this up.” CSDE is grateful for Alan's support and skills last quarter, and we're excited to see what he does next!

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