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Call for Submissions: Applied Demography

Posted: 7/22/2018 (Conference)

The deadline for the Fall Edition of Applied Demography is August 6!

The Applied Demography Newsletter welcomes submissions of materials for publication in the Fall 2018 edition. Submissions may include book releases, recruitment with deadlines after September 1, 2018, or upcoming conferences. We would like to hear from the members of the State Data Centers (SDCs) and what is being done in your units. In addition, you may submit announcements about applied demography tools, future workshops/training/courses, jobs, and short essays about your applied demography research. These submissions should not exceed 250 words.

We are interested in two new types of submissions:

  1. Visualization Note: a chart, map, or visualization of data relevant to applied demographers with a 200 words explanation.
  2. Policy Impact Note: we are interested in items up to 750 words in which you discuss the policy implications of your research. You may include links to other materials (i.e. YouTube, SocArXiv, etc.).

Given the emergence of the #DemographersLaughToo hashtag, we will consider funny anecdotes or jokes that would make demographers laugh.

Due to space constraints and the productivity of our community, we will not publish lists of journal articles. If you have any question about the suitability of materials, feel free to contact the editor.

Please send your materials to Alexis R. Santos by August 6, 2018.

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Deadline: 08/06/2018

Location: Population Association of America