January 25, 2023

CSDE Seminar Series

Assessing the Experiences of Migrants in Need of Protection in Latin America

     When:  Friday, Jan 27, 2023 (12:30-1:30 PM PT)
     Where:  101 Hans Rosling Center
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This week’s CSDE Seminar will feature Dr. Abigail Weitzman, Department of Sociology, University of Texas. Abigail will be presenting her research “Assessing the Experiences of Migrants in Need of Protection in Latin America”. The global population of refugees and other international migrants in need of protection (MNP) has more than doubled in the last decade. Nevertheless, longitudinal and representative data among MNP remain rare, especially in the global South. In this talk, I describe new efforts to collect qualitative and quantitative data among a diverse sample of Latin American MNP in Costa Rica,

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CSDE Research & Highlights

Large Collaborations Yield Great Research for Turner, Freitag, and Berridge

CSDE Trainees Natalie R. Turner and Callie Frietag collaborate with CSDE Affiliate Clara Berridge to publish “The Role of Trust in Older Adult Service Provision at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic” in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work. Using in-depth interviews with 45  senior leaders of social services and healthcare organizations serving older adults in Washington State, the authors elucidate the role of trust in service provision at the onset of the pandemic.

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Ellis and Colleagues’ Research Featured in the Guardian on Ethnic Segregation

CSDE Affiliate Mark Ellis and colleagues have had findings from one of their latest research projects featured in The Guardian! These authors utilize 2021 Censuses of England and Wales to map ethnic diversification and neighborhood mixing indicating clear increases in diversity from 2001 to 2021. To view the article click here! Congrats Mark!

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Beardall Investigates Citizen Review Boards as Bureaucratic Agents for Police Misconduct in New Article!

CSDE Affiliate Theresa Rocha Beardall had a new article published in Criminology, “Police Legitimacy regimes and the suppression of citizen oversight in response to police violence“. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork, interviews, and archival sources about the Syracuse Citizen Review Board in New York State, Theresa shows how Citizen Review Boards (CRB) operate as bureaucratic agencies that ostensibly address police misconduct, yet are managed by municipal power relations that neutralize the agency’s ability to actualize change.

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Louie Examines Discrimination, Resources, and Mental Health Among Black Americans

In a recent article in Social Psychology Quarterly, “Vicarious Discrimination, Psychosocial Resources, and Mental Health among Black Americans“, CSDE Affiliate Patricia Louie uses data from the Nashville Stress and Health Study to answer the question “Does hearing about or witnessing someone else experience discrimination harm individuals mental health? Louie and colleagues examine how vicarious discrimination impacts depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms, and anger among black americans and also whether mastery and self-esteem moderate the association between discrimination and each mental health outcome.

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Ince’s Research on Race, Organizational Space, and Interactions Published in Social Psychology Quarterly

CSDE Affiliate Jelani Ince recently published an article in Social Psychology Quarterly entitled, “‘‘Saved’’ by Interaction, Living by Race: The Diversity Demeanor in an Organizational Space”. Jelani uses ehtnographic data gathered from parishioners of an interracial religious organization to look beyond “happy talk” and toward the tangible effort that is required to accomplish racial diversity on the ground. Advancing  the concept of diversity demeanor and revealing how the burden of making diversity happen falls on the shoulders of racial minorities who must “save” interactions and develop White actors' understandings when they "mess up".

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New Paper by Catron On Social Distance and Economic Returns to Naturalization

CSDE Affiliate Peter Catron recent in Social Problems entitled, “The Alien Citizen: Social Distance and the Economic Returns to Naturalization in the Southwest” argues that social distance from the native-born is an important factor that influences who does and does not benefit from citizenship acquisition. Catron creates a new continuous measure of social distance for immigrants during the age of mass migration and shows a relationship between social distance and economic returns to citizenship.

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Boutros Study on Activism and Race in France Published in Social Problems

CSDE Affiliate Magda Boutros article “Antiracism without Races: How Activists Produce Knowledge about Race and Policing in France” was recently published in Social Problems. The paper analyzes how activists resist “racial ignorance” and produce knowledge about race in anti-racialist contexts. Drawing on race scholarship, social movement theory, and sociology of knowledge Boutros asks, How do social movements produce knowledge about the role of race in policing and France and what are the implications?

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Updates from the CSDE Research & Training Cores

Join Us for Biomarkers in the Social Sciences and the CSDE Biodemography Lab (2/2/2023 @11am)

Please feel free to attend our first CSDE Workshop: Biomarkers in the Social Sciences and the CSDE Biodemography lab on February 2nd, 2023 at 11am. The instructor for this session is Tiffany Pan, and registration for the workshop can be found here!

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Formal Demography Working Group: Matt Hauer on Climate Migration & Demographic Amplification (1/26/23)

The next meeting of the Formal Demography Working Group will be Thursday, January 26, 10PM ET (Toronto time, which is 4pm Vienna/Denmark time).  Matt Hauer will present ‘Climate Migration, Demographic Amplification, and multiregional population projections’.

Zoom link: https://utoronto.zoom.us/j/81659687554

Meeting ID: 816 5968 7554

Passcode: eulerlotka

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Register Now for PAA 2023!
Registration is now open for PAA 2023 in New Orleans, LA. CSDE is offering Travel Grants that can cover PAA registration, PAA membership, travel, food, or lodging up to $500 to CSDE trainees. Applications for the travel grants are due January 25th, 2023.

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • January 31, 2023: Last day the early-bird rate is available.
  • February 15, 2023: Deadline for all presenters to register.
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Students! Apply for the Winter CSDE Lightning Talks 2023! (Due 1/27/2023)

Students consider applying for the Winter Quarter CSDE Lightning Talks! Students present their research and receive feedback at this event, and we would love to receive your submissions! This is an excellent, low-stakes opportunity to practice your presentation skills and grow your network. Also, The Population Association of America 2023 Annual Meeting is just around the corner! This is an opportunity to practice a shorter version of your presentation or share a draft of your poster.

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Bustan Gives Lecture to Celebrate 100 Years of Social and Behavioral Science Research on Immigration (1/27/23 @11am Pacific)

Princeton University Professor, Leah Bustan, will deliver a lecture on “Streets of Gold: America’s Untold Story of Immigrant Success” for The Social Science Research Council’s 100th Anniversary.  For more details visit here.

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Join the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS) Seminar Series for Chloe Krakauer on P-Values (1/25/2023)

Please join CSSS for their next speaker in the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences Seminar Series. On Wednesday, January 25 at 12:30 pm, Chloe Krakauer, Biostatistician at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, will give a seminar titled, “Toss the bathwater, keep the baby: how p-values can still be useful.” This seminar will be offered as a Hybrid session. Below please find the abstract and information about joining in-person or on Zoom.

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*New* Issue Published from the Journal On Migration And Human Security!

The Journal on Migration and Human Society has released its newest issue with research on democratizing data, under counting of undocumented residents in the American Community Survey, and Impact of Armed Conflicts on Forced Crises in Nigeria and Mali. Make sure to check out this new issue as soon as you get the chance!

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Join UW International Security Colloquium (UWISC) on Their First Talk of 2023!

Join UWISC on Friday, January 27th at 3pm.They will be hosting Naima Green-Riley for a paper entitled “Winning Hearts Without Changing Minds: The Limits of Broadcast Diplomacy.” The study analyzes how the United States uses broadcasted public diplomacy messaging to persuade foreign audiences. The project takes as its focus the emerging competition between the United States and China, and it relies on a nationally-representative, face-to-face survey experiment fielded in Morocco. Naima Green-Riley’s work is both methodologically and substantively rich, and it should make for a fascinating presentation and discussion. Feel free to attend in person or register online for zoom here

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National Science Foundation Offers Funding Through Analytics for Equity Initiative

The Analytics for Equity Initiative builds on the Evidence-Based Policymaking Act and E.O.13985 by piloting a new way to support social, economic, and behavioral sciences research that leverages federal data assets (ensuring privacy is protected and data are secure) and scientific advances in researching equity-related topics for greater public benefit. You can find more information on this funding opportunity here!

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Would You Like a Guest Lecture on Gender Equality and Climate Change?

Hannah Evans, Senior Analyst at Population Connection, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to population education and advocacy, has reached out to offer guest lectures on gender equality and climate change. If you are interested contact Hannah Evans at hannah@popconnect.org.

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*New* NSF Issues Call for Grants on Incorporating Human Behavior in Epidemiological Models

In a joint directorate collaboration (mathematical sciences and social, behavioral, and economics sciences) has re-issued a call for proposals to the IHBEM program. The Incorporating Human Behavior in Epidemiological Models (IHBEM) Program supports research that incorporates research on social and behavioral processes in mathematical epidemiological models. The program provides support for projects that involve balanced participation from the mathematical sciences and from the social, behavioral, and economic sciences.  For more information read the program solicitation.

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*NEW* Technical Assistant Webinar for PAR-23-066 Research on Community Level Interventions on Firearm and Related Violence (1/26/23)

The NIH’s Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences is holding a technical assistance Webern are on January 26 at 11 am (Pacific).  You can register for the webinar here: https://scgcorp.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_rLf47J2ERDyBXPm710VzmA

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Scholarships Available for ICPSR for Statistics, Methods, and Data Analysis Training (Due 2/1/23)

The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is offering a summer program in quantitative methods with more than $150,000 in student scholarships every year! These scholarships provide fee waivers to attend their 2023 summer sessions that take place over three weeks where students can be expected to learn foundational training in research methods, including computation, formal theory, basic stats, regression analysis, and specialized training in a diverse array of cutting-edge methodological techniques.

Applications begin December 5th,

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Call for Applications to the Graduate Student Research Workshop on Poverty and Economic Mobility (Due 2/1/23)

Howard University’s Center on Race and Wealth and the Institute for Research on Poverty at UW-Madison seek applications for their Graduate Student Research Workshop on Poverty and Economic Mobility. This week-long workshop, held at Howard University in Washington, D.C., is aimed at pre-proposal doctoral students in the social sciences studying topics related to poverty or inequality in the United States who are from groups that are underrepresented in academia. 

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Call for Applications: NextGenPop Undergraduate Program in Population Research (2/1/2023)

Consider this great opportunity with NextGenPop!

NextGenPop is an undergraduate program in population research that aims to increase the diversity of the population field and nurture the next generation of population scholars. The program includes a 2-week, in-person, on-campus summer experience and subsequent virtual components focused on research and professional development. This summer 2023, 15 undergraduate students will be hosted by Cornell University in Ithaca, NY,

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Sign Up for First Annual All-UC Demography Conference at UC Irvine! (Due 2/6/2023)

The University of California, Irvine’s Center for Population, Inequality and Policy invites submissions to present at the inaugural All-UC Demography Conference. This meeting will highlight current demographic research and provide a venue for making connections across UC campuses, with a keynote talk by Ronald Lee. The conference will be held May 4th and May 5th in person at University of California, Irvine. The plan is to hold faculty paper sessions with discussants, as well as an additional graduate student poster competition,

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Applications Available for Junior Scholar Intensive Training! (Due 2/8/23)

Howard University’s Center on Race and Wealth (CRW) and the Center for Financial Security (CFS) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison annually conduct the Junior Scholar Intensive Training (JSIT) Summer Workshop. This week-long workshop, from June 12 – 16, 2023 , held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, brings together PhD students, newly graduated PhD researchers, and junior faculty who are interested in topics related to disability and retirement research in the United States. 

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*NEW* Call for Project Proposals for Data Science for Social Good Summer Program (Due 2/13/23)

The University of Washington Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) summer program at the eScience Institute brings together data scientists and domain researchers to work on focused, collaborative projects for societal benefit. Through DSSG summer program projects, Student Fellows work on interdisciplinary teams led by project leads from academia, nonprofits, and government, along with data scientists at the eScience Institute who offer technical expertise and guidance. Authors of accepted proposals will become Project Leads in the UW DSSG program,

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Apply for UWRA Scholarships and Fellowships in Aging! (Due 2/15/2023)

UW students are invited to apply for the 2022-2023 cycle of UWRA Scholarships and Fellowships in Aging. These awards are available to students in any field who are pursuing research or preparing for careers related to aging. More information can be found here. Applications for the UWRA Scholarship in Aging must be submitted by February 15. The application form can be found and submitted here.


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NIH Notice of Special Interest Grant: Research and Capacity Building Efforts Related to Bioethical Issues (Due 2/17/2023)

The NIH Office of Science Policy (OSP) within the Office of the Director (OD) announces the availability of administrative supplements to support 1) research on bioethical issues to develop or support the development of an evidence base that may inform future policy directions, and/or 2) certain efforts to develop or augment bioethics research capacity. Applicants may propose to supplement parent awards focused on bioethics or to address a component related to bioethics in a biomedical and/or health-related behavioral research study.

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NAtional Institutes of Health


Harry Bridges Center Offers Grants for Labor Research To Graduate Students! (Due 2/21/2023)

The Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies currently seeks applications from University of Washington graduate students for grants of up to $5,000 for research about work, workers, and workers’ organizations. Applicants must explain the significance of their proposed research to the interdisciplinary field of labor studies. Proposals must indicate how the research is likely to generate important new information, interpretations, scholarly resources, and contributions to the applicant’s discipline and field. Research may focus on any dimension of labor in the United States or abroad

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Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods at UC Berkeley (Due 3/1/2023)

The 2023 Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Institute is hosting its fifth summer institute.  Next summer it will focus on interviewing for migration research.  Several UW faculty and students have participated over the years and it has proven to be an important and productive program.  Here is a link to the program details.

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Call for Panel Submissions for IAPHS Fall Conference (Due 3/6/2023)

The Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science (IAPHS) will be hosting it’s Fall conference on “Gender, Sexuality, and Health Across the Life Course: Current Challenges and Opportunities for Population Health and Health Equity”. Groups of individuals are invited to submit panels that will present original research or engage in innovative discussions that push the boundaries of population health science, practice, theory, methods, student training, or technological innovations (or a combination of these) around a significant issue related to population health.

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*New* The American Council of Learned Societies Opens Fellowship Opportunities (Due 3/15/2023)

The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) announces the fifth competition for Leading Edge Fellowships, made possible by the generous support of the Mellon Foundation. The program demonstrates the dynamic capacity of the humanities to advance justice and equity in society.

In 2023, the ACLS Leading Edge Fellowship Program will offer 22 two-year fellowships partnering recent humanities and interpretive social sciences PhDs with organizations advancing social justice and equity in communities across the United States.

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Bullitt Environmental Fellowship Opportunity! (Due 4/1/2023)

The application for graduate students attending school in British Columbia, Washington State, and Oregon to apply for the 2023 Bullitt Environmental Fellowship will open on January 1st.  The Foundation awards this two-year, $100,000 Fellowship annually to one graduate student who has overcome adversity, can demonstrate strong leadership potential, and is focused on work to safeguard the natural environment by promoting responsible human activities and sustainable communities in the Emerald Corridor, stretching from Vancouver

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Get Ready to Attend the 20th Annual West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference! (4/21/2023)

The 20th Annual West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference will take place from April 21-22nd, 2023 at the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management, University of Oregon. Proposals for the conference are due February 10th, 2023.

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