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CSDE Workshops

Biomarkers in the Social Sciences and the CSDE Biodemography Lab

Instructor: Tiffany Pan

Population dynamics, such as fertility and mortality, operate at the intersection of social and biological processes. Methodological training, however, is often siloed by disciplinary boundaries. With growing interest in understanding how social and environmental factors might “get under the skin” to impact physiology, biomarker literacy is increasingly a valuable asset. In this workshop, we will explore how biomarkers can augment social science research, highlight some common biomarkers of interest to current CSDE affiliates, discuss some of the logistical and ethical considerations of specimen and data collection, and learn about the services and resources available through the CSDE Biodemography Lab.

Join us if you are interested in learning more about how biomarkers can augment your demographic or social science research.


No previous experience required.