September 28, 2021

CSDE Seminar Series

Kicking off the Fall 2021 Seminar Series

This quarter, our seminar series will again take place every Friday of the quarter over Zoom, with the exception of this Friday, October 1st!

Meet us at 12:30 PM for an Opening Reception at the Grieg Garden (shown on this map) to connect with colleagues, gear up for future lectures, and enjoy time together as a community. 

Detailed seminar information for the remainder of fall quarter, including links to register for each Zoom webinar are all available on our website and if you want a PDF poster click here to download and print - Fall 2021 Seminar Series schedule! If you come to the reception, you can pick up your own full-size poster for decorating your door or wall!

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Updates from the CSDE Research and Training Cores

Trainees! CSDE Research Conference Support Available

CSDE has support for trainees’ participation in conferences, when your paper has been accepted to a population science conference or a conference that involves your presentation of your population research. Reach out to Jessica Godwin, if you have questions about eligibility. Notably there are two virtual population research-relevant conferences coming up this fall and you may have a paper or poster accepted for these conferences: IAPHS and IUSSP’s IPC.  If you have a paper or poster accepted for either or both of these conferences and would like to request support from CSDE, please complete and submit this form by Wednesday, September 29 at midnight.

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Research Scientist and Training Director Christine Leibbrand Takes up New Position with Office of Planning and Budgeting
CSDE Research Scientist Christine Leibbrand has taken up a new position with the UW’s Office of Planning and Budgeting as an Institutional Data Analyst.  Christine served as CSDE’s Statistical Demographer and Training Director from June 2020 until the present.  Much of her time in this role was spent on zoom, but we still benefited from her wonderfully positive approach to all types of engagement. She made a huge difference in a brief time. Christine ably organized our scientific workshops, excellently managed our certificate program, and provided outstanding statistical demography consulting to many individuals and projects. We will miss her, but we're happy for her in this next career opportunity.  We hope we can entice her to return and share her research findings in the near future!

CSDE Welcomes Dr. Jessica Godwin as Interim Statistical Demographer and Training Director

Newly minted statistics PhD Jessica Godwin joins CSDE in an interim position as a statistical demographer and training director.  We are REALLY lucky to continue to benefit from her statistical prowess and outstanding mentoring skills. Jessica Godwin’s dissertation developed new spatial, demographic and statistical methods for estimating under five mortality.  This work, conducted with CSDE Affiliate Jon Wakefield, recently informed the UN’s new estimation methods.  Jessica has a suite of outstanding statistical and demographic methodological skills to bring to any research project.  Additionally, Jessica is already familiar with CSDE, having been a trainee and fellow.  This means CSDE will benefit from her presence, at the very least, in terms of both continuity and good ideas for improving the quality of our training program.  Welcome Jessica!


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