September 28, 2022

Welcome Back! Autumn Qtr 2022 is Here!

We’re looking forward to the new year with great anticipation.  We’ll be enjoying more on-campus opportunities to engage with all of you.  We do have good news to celebrate and there will be several opportunities to do so.  Our NICHD center grant was renewed for another five years!  We’ll be celebrating that event on November 4 from 3:30-5pm – details to follow, but meanwhile put the date and time in your calendar!  Our annual opening reception will be held Friday, September 30 from 12:30-1:30pm on the brick patio between Raitt and Savery Halls. We’ll have light refreshments and a few introductions, as well as the seminar series poster to adorn your door or office wall!  See you there!

We have many new CSDE staffing updates.

  • Our new Evans School RA, also known as the person behind csde@uw.edu, is Isaiah Wright who is an Evans School PhD student working with Scott Allard. We’re so happy to have him in our midst and don’t hesitate to send him a news announcement about a paper, an award, a media mention, or anything else that will be of interest to CSDE scholars.
  • Joining us in the Science Core are Dr. Tiffany Pan, the new biodemography lab director (tpan@uw.edu) and Professor Dan Eisenberg (Anthropology) and CSDE’s new Science Core PI (dtae@uw.edu).
  • Joining us in the Administrative Core are CSDE Administrator Clint Kruchoski and CSDE Program Coordinator Shea Thompson (csde-prgm-coord@uw.edu) Clint joins us from research administration at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Shea joins as from having taught and managed programs in Japan.  Shea received his bachelor’s degree from UW Sociology and knows many of our faculty!
  • Joining us in the Computing Core is Gary Yuen (csde_help@uw.edu) who will be the person behind our help desk services!

Welcome to all! 

As we welcome them, we also want to say thank you to Michael Kummer (Physics Administrator) who stepped into the breach to help provide advice and HR support throughout spring and summer.  Similarly, Elisha Wilson has been serving as a very helpful, temporary program coordinator and we’ve been grateful for her great attitude and super support.  Thanks most of all to Angie Thai and Belinda Sachs who both took on extra work to keep the CSDE trains running on time!

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CSDE Research & Highlights

CSDE 2022 Autumn Quarter Seminar and Lecture Series

We are looking forward to a lively Seminar and Lecture Series this year and many thanks to Professor Peter Catron for organizing these events.  Click here to access our poster or pick one up at our opening reception (September 30, 12:30-1:30 between Raitt & Savery Halls) or visit the CSDE seminar page.  This fall our speakers and talks include: Panel on the Washington 2022 Climate and Health Report (Oct. 7);Dr. A.R. Siders (Oct. 14) on the ethical dimensions of climate-related adaptations; Dr. Andres Villareal (Oct. 21) on earnings assimilation across immigrant generations; Dr. Tod Hamilton (Oct. 28) on “Lessons from a Century of Black Migration”; Dr. Zach Ward (Nov. 4) on multigenerational mobility in the U.S.; a panel on applied demography insights from Washington State (Nov. 18); Dr. Liying Luong (Dec. 2) on [insert]; and our famed lightning talks and poster session (Dec. 9).  If you want to share your research with a thoughtful community of scholars, don’t hesitate to reach out to Professor Peter Catron (catron@uw.edu) - there are still dates available for winter and spring and we'd LOVE to showcase your work!

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Washington Legislature Funds New Voter Database & Website

With funding from the Washington State Legislature, CSDE Affiliate Jake Grumbach has been tasked with developing a Washington Voters Database and a public-facing website . The funding establishes a statewide database within the University of Washington to serve as a repository of the data necessary to assist the state and all political subdivisions with evaluating whether and to what extent existing laws and practices with respect to voting and elections are consistent with the public policy,implementing best practices in voting and elections, and to investigate potential infringements upon the right to vote.  Grumbach is working with CSDE Research Scientist Phil Hurvitz to build the database and website!  Look for updates this fall!

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Dafeng Xu and Co-author Publish Research on the Relation between English Proficiency and Carpooling Among Immigrants

CSDE Affiliate Dafeng Xu and co-author Yuxin Zhang have published an article in Travel Behavior and Society. The article estimates the effect of English proficiency on carpooling outcomes. Results indicate that immigrants with lower English skills are more likely  to carpool and support the hypothesis of “need-based networking”.

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Updates from the CSDE Research & Training Cores

Welcome Back CSDE Trainees! See Below for Activities of Interest!

Welcome back, CSDE Trainees and Fellows! CSDE has several events and workshops that may be of interest to you as we kick off the 2022-2023 Academic Year. See details below and we hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, September 28
Coffee on the Quad
Join CSDE Trainees, Fellows & Staff for coffee and conversation!
When: 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Where: Between Raitt and Savery Halls

CSDE Opening Reception
Join CSDE Trainees, Fellows, Affiliates Staff for light snacks and refreshments!
When: 12:30PM- 1:30PM
Where: Between Raitt and Savery Halls
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New Cohort of CSDE Trainees!

Please join us in welcoming our new cohort of Trainees in our Graduate Certificate Program in Demographic Methods and our new cohort of T32 Fellows.

2022-2023 Trainee Cohort
Teresa Abrahamson-Richards (PhD student, Social Work)
Jane Dai (PhD student, Health Systems and Population Health)
Matthew Frank (PhD student, Social Work)
Cristina Gildee (PhD student, Anthropology)
Ling Guan (MS student, Epidemiology)
Courtney Hill (PhD student, Epidemiology)
Imma Honkanen (PhD student, Sociology)

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NSF Waterman Lecture on Faculty Hiring Trends: Prestige, Diversity, and Inequality

On September 28 at 1 p.m. Eastern, Dr. Daniel Larremore will discuss his lab’s research using mathematical methods and network analyses to examine the academic employment and doctoral education of all tenure-track faculty at Ph.D.-granting U.S. universities from 2011 to 2020. The results reveal inequalities in faculty production, prestige, retention and gender, exacerbated by recurring patterns of attrition. You can register for the lecture by signing up here:

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CSDE Science Core – Upcoming Workshops

Each quarter, CSDE offers 3-5 workshops on data sources, statistical and biomarker methodology, introductions to analysis programs, and more, all given by CSDE staff and faculty affiliates. These workshops can include hands-on training in novel methods and programming, lectures on innovative data sources, and discussions of important issues in research and data collection. Over the coming academic year, CSDE will offer a diverse and exciting set of workshops, some of which will be offered in person and others remotely via Zoom.

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Exciting Projects Awarded by Urban@UW Spark Grants Program

Urban@UW is excited to announce awardees for the third round of funding through our Spark Grants program. The three projects selected address critical urban challenges, with a focus on transdisciplinary scholarship and engagement with vulnerable populations.  These projects include “Analysis of a Food Bank Home Delivery Program”, “Artificial Turf in Low-Income Neighborhoods: A Climate Resilient Urban Space?” , and “Toward Interactive Sonic Narrative Streetwear to Support Urban Community-Based Amplification of Space, Place, and Belonging".

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New Research Published in the Journal of Demographic Outcomes

The Journal of Demographic Outcomes has published its most recent Issue. Journal of Demographic Economics welcomes both empirical and theoretical papers on issues relevant to Demographic Economics with a preference for combining abstract economic or demographic models together with data to highlight major mechanisms. Check out some of the most recent articles relating to topics such as fertility, household expenditure and children’s health and more!

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