October 2, 2023

CSDE Seminar Series

CSDE Seminar: Community Land Trust and Shared Equity Homeownership Programs in the U.S.

     When:  Friday, Oct 6, 2023 (12:30-1:30 PM)
     Where:  360 Parrington Hall, Register here for Zoom link

This week, we will be joined by CSDE Research Affiliate, Ruoniu (Vince) Wang from the Runstad Department of Real Estate at UW. Dr. Wang will present his talk “Community Land Trust and Shared Equity Homeownership Programs in the U.S”. As communities experience unprecedented housing unaffordability and resident displacement, they are increasingly turning to the community land trust (CLT). CLTs are a unique model for the provision of affordable housing because they aspire to ensure housing remains affordable in perpetuity and that land in trust is community controlled.

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Photo of Vince Wang

CSDE Research & Highlights

Join Us on Fridays for the CSDE Seminar Series 12:30pm

Join us for our weekly seminar series.  At the following link, you can find a poster for all upcoming seminars!  But, in short, we have an excellent line-up of speakers for the Autumn Quarter thanks to Dr. Rawan Arar who chairs the series.  If you have speakers you’d like to invite or would like to present yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rawan – arar@uw.edu.  Our line up includes:

  • Vince Wang (College of the Built Environment) about a new dataset on community land trusts and home equity (Oct. 6) - 360 Parrington Hall
  • Ayaz Qureshi (U of Edenborough) on climate change and displacement in Pakistan (Oct. 13) - 360 Parrington Hall
  • Kristian Jones (School of Social Work) on Youth Mentoring Relationships between Black Youth and non-Black Mentors (Oct. 20) - 101 Hans Rosling Center
  • Rebbeca Tesfai (Temple University) on refugees’ long-term economic outcomes (Oct. 27)
  • Sara Glick (Department of Medicine) on a survey of people who use drugs at 9 US syringe service programs (Nov. 3) - 101 Hans Rosling Center
  • Austin Kocher (Syracuse University) on accessing immigrant data held by closed institutions - such as detention centers, courts, and ports of entry (Nov. 17) - 101 Hans Rosling Center
  • Stipica Mudrazija (School of Public Health) on the geography of family caregiving in an aging society (Dec. 1) - 360 Parrington Hall.
  • Autumn Lightning Talks by CSDE Trainees (Dec. 8) - Green A, Allen Library

Raftery to Give CSSS Lecture on Probabilistic Population Projection and the Social Cost of Carbon (10/4/23)

     When:  Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023 (12:30 PM)
     Where:  409 Savery Hall

On October 4, 2023 (12:30pm), CSDE Affiliate Adrian Raftery (Sociology & Statistics) will be giving a talk titled “Very Long-Term Probablistic Population Projections for Assessing the Social Cost of Carbon” to the UW’s Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences.  Raftery will be addressing how population forecasts are used by governments and the private sector for planning, with horizons up to about three generations (around 2100) for different purposes. 

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Photo of Adrian Raftery

Allard to Present Research on the Washington State Ballots Project (10/4/23)

     When:  Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023 (11:30 AM)
     Where:  360 Parrington Hall

Scott W. Allard, CSDE Affiliate and Evans School Professor of Social Policy will be presenting “Washington State Ballots Project: Understanding Rejections and Cures,” at the Evans Research Seminar.

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Photo of Scott Allard

Williams and Khan to Host Migration & Health Workshop October 12-13, 2023
     Where:  HUB 337 and PAR 360

CSDE and the South Asia Center are co-sponsoring a workshop on Migration and Health: Perspectives from South Asia” on October 12 & 13, where CSDE Affiliates Nathalie Williams and Sarfraz Khan will be hosting. Events on October 12 will be held in 337 HUB and events on October 13 will be held in 360 Parrington. Participants can join by zoom, as well. Details here.

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Knox and Heath Receive Grant to Study Retention of Women in Economics

CSDE Affiliates Rachel Heath (Economics) and Melissa Knox (Economics), received a grant from the Social Science Research Council this week! Retaining women students who express interest in economics classes is an important first step in fixing the “leaky pipeline” of women out of economics at every stage, from introductory economics to full professor. This project will assess whether an intervention that introduces gender-related material into economics courses improves women students’ sense of relevance and belonging, test scores, and continuation in further economics and mathematics classes.

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Photos of Rachel Heath and Melissa Knox

Distributional Outcomes of Land Inequality in Tanzania is Recent Subject of Publication by Brown & Colleagues

CSDE Affiliate Dan Brown (College of the Environment) recently published a co-authored article in PNAS, titled “Large-scale land acquisitions exacerbate local farmland inequalities in Tanzania”. Land inequality stalls economic development, entrenches poverty, and is associated with environmental degradation. The authors’ paper studies inequalities in land assets, specifically landholdings and farm size, to derive insights into the distributional outcomes of LSLAs. 

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Photo of Dan Brown

Delaney Glass Awarded NSF Grant to Study “Effects of Extreme Stressors in Adolescence”

Delaney Glass, Ph.D. candidate and NIH T32 Fellow at CSDE was awarded the National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant over the summer for her dissertation research “Effects of Extreme Stressors in Adolescence”. This dissertation grant funding is in addition to a Wenner-Gren grant awarded earlier this year. Based in the CSDE Biodemography Lab, her project will examine the embodiment of displacement and poverty-derived psychosocial stressors through the assessment of relationships between pubertal and metabolic hormones among Jordanian non-refugee and Syrian refugee adolescents.

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Photo of Delaney Glass

Keith and Martin Publish Article from CSDE Supported Research

CSDE Affiliates Monica Keith (Anthropology) and Melanie Martin (Anthropology) recently published a paper in Women’s Health Issues, titled theSocial Determinant Pathways to Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Among Nulliparous U.S. Women“. The article is a write-up of their winning solution for the NICHD DASH Data Challenge, which was supported by CSDE. 

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Photos of Monica Keith and Melanie Martin

Shah Co-authors Paper on Data Integration for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Science Research

CSDE Affiliate Sameer Shah (Environmental and Forest Sciences) has just published a co-authored paper in Environmental Research Communications that details the challenges and opportunities in linking environmental and social sciences data to address climate change.  They argue that the integration of physical and social science data can enable novel frameworks, methodologies, and innovative solutions important for addressing complex socio-environmental problems. 

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Photo of Sameer Shah

Knox, Jones-Smith, and Co-authors Publish New Research on Seattle’s Sweetened Beverage Tax

CSDE Affiliates, Melissa Knox (Economics), Jessica Jones-Smith (Public Health), and co-authors published their article “Seattle’s sweetened beverage tax implementation and changes in interior marketing displays” in the Journal of Public Health Policy, where they assessed changes in interior marketing displays within large food stores before and after the implementation of Seattle’s SSB tax. 

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Photos of Melissa Knox and Jessica Jones-Smith

Recent Published Research by Goodreau & Colleagues Highlights Growing Divergence in Sexual Behaviors & STIs

CSDE Affiliate Steven Goodreau (Anthropology) and co-authors recently published their article “Changes in Sexual Behaviors with Opposite-Sex Partners and Sexually Transmitted Infection Outcomes Among Females and Males Ages 15–44 Years in the USA: National Survey of Family Growth, 2008–2019” in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. Rates of reported gonorrhea and chlamydial infections have increased substantially over the past decade in the USA and disparities persist across age and race/ethnicity.

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Photo of Steven Goodreau

Bekemeier and Co-authors Publish Article on Health Policy Codesign

CSDE Affiliate Betty Bekemeier (Psychosocial & Community Health) and co-authors published their article “Strategies for enacting health policy codesign: a scoping review and direction for research” in the journal Health Science. Strategies for supporting evidence-informed health policy are a recognized but understudied area of policy dissemination and implementation science. Codesign describes a set of strategies potentially well suited to address the complexity presented by policy formation and implementation.

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Photo of Betty Bekemeier

New Research by Williams & Colleagues on Medication for People with Co-occurring Substance Use Disorders

CSDE Affiliate Emily Williams (Health Services) and co-authors recently published their work “Impact of an intervention to implement provision of opioid use disorder medication among patients with and without co-occurring substance use disorders” in the Journal of Substance Use and Addiction Treatment. Co-occurring substance use disorders (SUDs) are common among people with opioid use disorder (OUD) and known to hinder receipt of medications for OUD (MOUD). 

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Photo of Emily Williams

Evaluating PrEP and Maternal Child Health in Kenya Subject of Recent Publication by John-Stewart & Co-authors

CSDE Affiliate Grace John-Stewart (Global Health) and co-authors published their research “Implementation determinants and strategies in integration of PrEP into maternal and child health and family planning services: experiences of frontline healthcare workers in Kenya” in Frontiers in Reproductive Health, where they conducted focus group discussions (FGDs) with healthcare workers (HCWs) in maternal and child health (MCH) and family planning (FP) clinics offering PrEP in a large implementation project in Kenya.

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Photo of Grace John-Stewart

Berridge and Co-authors Publish Work on AI Companion Robots and Preferences of Older Adults

CSDE Affiliate Clara Berridge and co-authors recently released their research “AI Companion Robot Data Sharing: Preferences of an Online Cohort and Policy Implications” in the Journal of Elder Policy, where they report peoples’ perspectives on small AI companion robots for older adults, along with attendant issues related to facial expression and conversation data collection and sharing. 

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Cohen Presents Research on a Bundled Intervention Against Child Marriage

Isabelle Cohen, CSDE Affiliate and Evans Professor of Public Policy gave a talk entitled, “Pathways to Choice: Delaying Marriage and Increasing Education via Safe Spaces,” last Friday at the Advances with Field Experiments conference at the University of Chicago. Great to see Isabelle’s work connecting across a growing field of study!

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Photo of Isabelle Cohen

Updates from the CSDE Research & Training Cores

*New* Issue of Population and Environment

New articles published in the latest issue of Population and Environment! Check them out here.

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*New* Issue of Studies in Family Planning
The latest issue of Studies in Family Planning is now available. Read more here. 

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*New* Issue of Journal of Family History

The Journal of Family History has released several articles in OnlineFirst! Be sure to check them out here.

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*New* Issue of Journal Of Ethnic and Migration Studies

The Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies has released its special issue, “Revisiting the EU’s new migration regime: The impact of mobility and policies on labour market hierarchies within and across the EU”. Read it here

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JSDE Seminar: The Economics of Abduction Marriage: Evidence from Ethiopia (10/2/23)

On October 2 (11am) Lindsey Novak (Reed College) will be sharing their research on the economics of abduction marriage to the JSDE seminar. In several Asian and African countries, a sizable share of marriages are initiated by the man abducting the woman he wishes to wed. In this paper, we use quantitative and qualitative methods to characterize the practice of abduction marriage. We first use Demographic and Health Survey data along with ethnographic data to characterize women and ethnic groups affected by this practice in Ethiopia.

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Photo of Lindsay Novak

Upcoming NHANES Webinar on Population-Based Survey Experience in Multimode Health and Nutrition Data Collection (10/4/23)

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is hosting a webinar with state and local-level survey programs to discuss experiences in multimode health and nutrition data collection. Multimode data collection can include interviews, physical assessments, and biospecimen collection. The webinar will address topics such as innovative data collection, including novel survey measurements and meaningful community engagement. The collaborative discussions will generate ideas to improve survey participant experience, response rates, efficiency, and outreach. There will be presentations by State and local programs followed by panel discussion and a Q&A.

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Karen Chen to Present Seminar on Urban Form and Mental Health (10/5/23)

CSDE Affiliate Karen Chen will present her work, “Urban Form and Mental Health”. Her recent research is focusing on urban environmental change and its related issues: 1) environmental health, mental health; 2) sustainable development in mountainous regions; and 3) open data and science for the Global South. Dr. Chen’s talk is part of the ENV H 580 seminar series and is open to faculty, staff, and the public.

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Photo of Karen Chen

Call for Applications to Attend the Climate Pipeline Project Meeting at Harvard (Deadline 10/13/23)

The Climate Pipeline Project at Harvard University invites applications to attend a meeting at Harvard University on Thursday, December 14th, 2023. The Climate Pipeline Project seeks to foster the work of younger scholars, from graduate students to untenured professors. By spotlighting their work, and helping them develop connections with senior scholars, the project hope to encourage rapid growth in attention to the sociology of climate change and to create connections among people working in this area within sociology.

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*New* Dubal Lecture on Race, Science and Pregnancy Trials Hosted by UW Anthropology Department (10/13/23)

The Department of Anthropology and CSDE are co-sponsoring the Sam Dubal Memorial Lecture.  This year’s lecture will be given by Dr. Natali Valdez.  Dr. Valdez’s talk is entitled Weighing the Future: Race, Science and Pregnancy Trials in a Postgenomic Era.”  The talk is on Oct. 13 from 1:30-2:50pm and will be online via zoom.  Registration information can be found here.

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Photo of Natali Valdez

Urban@UW Seminar: The Disabled Gaze: Rethinking the Past, Remaking the Future (10/24/23)

Urban@UW is hosting a seminar by Jaipreet Virdi (University of Delaware), who will speak on technology use by disabled people. How do disabled people use their technologies to draw attention to, rather than hide, their disability? The disabled gaze is an autonomous claiming of identity that rejects typical perceptions of disability as objectifying or exploitative. It offers a way to examines how disabled people, past and present, asserted themselves—through art, for instance—or challenged medical assumptions about their bodies.  

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Seminar By College Of The Environment: Heather Tallis On Integrating Nature Into Our Cities (10/25/23)

UW’s College of the Environment invites you to join them for an evening with Dr. Heather Tallis to explore how weaving nature more deliberately into the fabric of our urban communities can improve our quality of life. From urban parks to sustainable infrastructure, integrating nature into our cities makes us healthier, happier, smarter and safer.

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Russell Sage Pipeline Grants Competition for Early-Career Faculty (Deadline 11/1/23)

The Pipeline Grants Competition for early-career faculty is a collaboration between RSF and the Economic Mobility and Opportunity program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The program seeks to promote diversity in the social sciences defined broadly, including racial and ethnic diversity, gender diversity, disciplinary diversity, institutional diversity, and geographic diversity. Only early career researchers who have not previously received a trustee or presidential research grant or fellowship from RSF are eligible to apply.

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Global Innovation Fund Award Open (Deadline 11/8/23)

The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) is now accepting applications for the Fall 2023 Global Innovation Fund (GIF) award cycle. GIF provides seed funding for projects focused on expanding global research and learning at the UW, and we are especially interested in supporting proposals by new entrants and early-career faculty. 

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The National Poverty Fellows Program is Seeking Applications for Fellows (Deadline 11/27/23)

The National Poverty Fellows Program at the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks to build the capacity of researchers to conduct high-quality policy-relevant research on poverty and inequality in the United States and to contribute to the effective use of research and scientific knowledge in the formation of public policy. 

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Several Opportunities to Study at the East-West Center (Deadlines ranging from 12/1/23-3/1/24)

The East-West Center is pleased to announce the following opportunities for study and scholarships at the Center starting in August 2024. For more than sixty years, East-West Center students have developed lifelong relationships and a powerful sense of community with others who share a commitment to the US-Indo-Pacific region. 

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Russell Sage Grants for Dissertation Research (Deadline 2/1/24)

The Dissertation Research Grants program supports innovative and high-quality dissertation research that addresses questions relevant to any of RSF’s priority areas: Behavioral Science and Decision Making in Context; Future of Work; Race, Ethnicity and Immigration; Immigration and Immigrant Integration; and Social, Political, and Economic Inequality

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The Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS) Celebrates 25 years! (5/16/23-5/17/23)

The Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS) will be recognizing its 25th anniversary this academic year. In addition to highlighting special themes during the seminar series, CSSS will hold a celebratory event on campus on May 16th & 17th, 2024 that will bring alums, friends, and campus partners together with workshops, poster sessions, scientific sessions, and ample opportunities for socializing. Please note these dates in your calendar and keep your eyes posted for more details. 

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